Board Meeting Minutes 08/26/2012

HCRA Meeting Minutes 8-26-2012
Officer Reports
Vice President – KB1NWH not present due to illness
Report – KY1T Camper has been cleaned.Field Day worked out well in it. It also doubled
as a shelter during times of inclement weather.
Treasurer’s Report – AA1YW
Current Financial report – (To include Dufresne Park refund and all incomes/expenditures to date)
Field Day Net costs 2012 – $856 Park Rental and Food
$1392 Trailer purchase and Equipment (Triplexers)
There was some discussion on covering Field Day food costs
Secretary Report – N1MFL
Secretary was not present, ill. June minutes submitted in his absence
The topic was raised to publish the meeting minutes on the website and it was approved.
Technical Report – W1MSW
Field Day Raffle Result – $130 profit
W1MSW will be helping Doug Henderson set up his K3
Zero Beat Update – N1FJ has content for September Zero Beat, cutoff date for September ZB is Aug 30th.
Matt offered to provide a Field Day report in the Sept issue
Membership report – K1KXR – Not Present
Current Member Count – 88
At Large – W1MJB Nothing to report
Program report – KX1X
September – Khrystyne Keane/K1SFA – had to drop because of family commitments.
October – Tom Homewood/W1TO – RTTY and RTTY contesting.
November Auction – none this year because of location change – still under consideration for 2013.
December – Holiday Party
January – ???
Guest report – NT1K
Report on new web site – Jeff spent time with us reviewing progress on the new website and some quick instructions on
how to use it to post articles. We still have a lot to learn to take full advantage of this new tool. Everyone congratulated
Jeff on a job well done and we’re looking forward to additional future enhancements.
Old Business
Progress of joint holiday party? – (KK1W) – on schedule, Jim will coordinate with MTARA going forward.
Choose the next long term raffle prize, start date, coordinator? – KX3, 250 tickets, $10 each, start in September.
New Business
How should member count be reported – (KK1W) – all agreed it should stay the same. Should we letter the trailer(s)? –
no conclusion at this time – tabled until next meeting. Hospital Donation, when and how much? – $250/year to be given
in September.
Club Meeting minutes respectively submitted by Dave Scarpa, HCRA Secretary.

September HCRA Board Meeting Minutes

HCRA Board Meeting Minutes- sept

HCRA Board Meeting Minutes
September 10, 2013 7:00pm
Hampden Bank Parking Lot

Members Present:

Jim Mullen
Matt Wilhelm
Ed Lacombe
Frandy Johnson
John Pise
Dave Cain
Richard Wheeler
Dave Scarpa
Jeffery Bail

Guests: No Guests Attended

Agenda Item #1: Vice President (7:10pm)

Discussion Item: September Database Issues
Action Item: To Continue with Current DB until Online is ready

Discussion Item: Donation to Perry Lane School
Action Item: Approved by Board

Agenda Item #2: Financial Report (7:20pm)

Discussion Item: Current total revenue, 6877.25 total
Discussion Item: 857 raffle, 62 Sold So Far
Discussion Item: Status of WRTC Sales, $391 in Deposits so far
It was discussed whether prices should increase
After Jan 1st, and it was decided they should not.
Discussion Item: Paypal Membership renewals, 18 renewals

Agenda Item #3 Secretary Report (7:30p)

Discussion Item: Format of Minutes discussed Guidelines given
Discussion Item: Status of State and federal filings, Both completed
Discussion Item: Status of online meetings, tabled for now

Agenda Item #4 Zero Beat Report (7:35pm)

Discussion Item: Cutoff date for articles next issue 9/24

Agenda Item #5 Membership Report (7:45pm)

Discussion Item: Membership Renewals, 47 renewed

Agenda Item #6 Technical Report (7:50 pm)

Discussion Item: Bob not present but still plans Techinical corner sessions at meeting
Discussion Item: Holyoke Hospital Looking for help to track jamming on repeater
it was decided Jim KK1W would assist them Agenda Item #7

. Agenda Item #7 Program Report (8:00pm)

Discussion Item: CW Training class update, class still being worked on for Feb-Mar start
Discussion Item: Silent Auction go ahead, white elephant table every meeting, 10%
donation to club.
Discussion Item: Meeting content for the upcoming 6 months.

Agenda Item #8 At Large (8:05pm)

Discussion Item: January License classes plans

Old Business: No new info on APRS node in chester

New Business: Clubs ilrp node retired, equipment dispersed
Holiday Party planning, Meal Price increase
Discussion of board members roles.

Meeting Closed: 8:13pm

March Board Meeting Minutes

HCRA Board meeting 3/5/2013

Official minutes


Vice President report -KB1NWH
KX3 Raffle won by K1MA
234 tickets sold
$1300 net profit

Treasurer Report – AA1YW

silent auction – $40.00
KX3 raffle – $1630.00
membership – $105.00
party – $731.67
50/50 raffle – $34.50

p.o. box -$86.00
FD deposit -$50.00

Total income – $2541.17
Total expenses – $136.00
Starting balance -$5804.69
Ending balance – $8209.86

Secretary report – N1MFL
p.o. box paid
mail gathered

Director Reports
Technical – W1MSW
9 entries show/tell
next year limit times for show/tell
no snacks at meetings for lack of donations

zero beat – N1FJ
zb cutoff 4/25
discuused ways to get articles

Membership – N1KXR
Name badge/membership cards to be ready for sept meeting

At Large – W1MJB
nothing to report

Program – KX1X
April meeting – WRTC
$25 visa card and meal for presenters

Old business
Dunkin Donut cards for 10 meter contest winners for next meeting

New business
Foxhunts progress
Discussed Dufresne park new alcohol policies
June elections discussed

Board Meeting Minutes 9/18/2012

Hampden County Radio Association

Board of Directors Meeting 9/18/2012, Holyoke Hospital Boardroom

Officer Reports
Vice President – 35 Raffle Tickets Sold for KX3 Raffle

Treasurer’s Report – AA1YW

Current Financial report – Income From Meeting

KX3 Raffle – $310.00
Membership – $615.00
Donation – $110.00

Income Total – $1035.00

Expenses – $120.00 (Welcome Back Refreshments)

Starting Balance – $6017.81
Ending Balance – $6932.81

Technical Report – W1MSW

Help Dave Cayen and Dave Henderson K3 Setup

Zero Beat Update – N1FJ
Cutoff Date for October ZB is Sept. 27th.
Discussion of future of Zero Beat

Membership report –

Renewals – 41
Donations – $110.00

New Membership Rule proposed extending New Memberships March 1st or later until the following
August 31st. Seconded by N1KXR and all in favor.

Discussed Free Memberships given at VE Sessions.

At Large – W1MJB

Nothing to report

Program report – KX1X – absent

Discussed Encouraging participation in the meetings and for content on website
Discussed Future Programming
Discussed Joint HCRA/MTARA Holiday Party. Marty, W1MJB volunteered to coordinate

Old Business

Motion to suspend November Auctions, seconded and approved
Discussed the parsing of duties for the holiday party planning.
Decided to drop putting letters on the club trailer.

New Business

Publishing of Articles to website
January 8th will be the first date of a trial of teleconferencing for the board meetings.

Club Meeting minutes respectively submitted by Dave Scarpa, club Secretary.