Board Meeting Minutes – May 6th 2014

HCRA Board of Directors Meeting
May 6, 2014

Officers Reports

President – KK1W

Jim submitted a plan for the transfer of officers responsibilities to the new incoming officers.

Retiring officers were asked to mentor the new officers for a couple of months to be sure that the new

officers were up and running in their new positions. All agreed to do so and to begin the process

immediately. Jim indicated that he had been already working with the new Secretary in getting him up

to speed. (Much appreciated!)

Treasurer – AA1YW

Dave indicated that the balance was $13,040.53 +$4,oo. We owe $4000 to WRTC by May 31.

There is still an outstanding balance of $971 owed by members for purchased WRTC equipment. Profit

from the WRTC resale was $1053.

Liability Insurance was paid for the May1 – May 1, 2015 period

Secretary – WM1B (interim)

No report – getting up to speed (slowly!)

Directors Reports

Technical – K1YO: Nothing to report

Zero Beat – N1FJ: June issue in preparation and will be joint effort with Gary –WA1MOW

Membership – N1KXR: No report

At-Large – KX1X

John reported that currently Crew 510 which was formed in 2001 currently has only 2 members.

Program – W1MSW

Speakers are lined up through the end of the year. Also a spreadsheet is available listing

speakers and dates of speakers in the past. This will be passed on to the new Program Chairman.

Old Business

Field Day is moving forward. No interest expressed for cook, Decision not to have a food kitchen. Matt

will present an N1MM review/training session at June meeting.

New Business

Holiday Party set to go with Mt Tom Club at Steaming Tender Not interested in Raffle.

New Board will need to come up with a Raffle Prize for 2014-2015.

New Board Members based upon the proposed slate for election: Larry – W1AST, Jeff – NT1K,

Gary – WA1MOW , Eric – W1MOR, Dave – WM1B

Next Meeting will be June 12, 2014, 7:00PM at Hampden Bank, 220 Westfield St. West Springfield.

Eric W1MOR will obtain and test key.

Members in Attendance

KK1W – Jim
W1MSW – Matt
AA1YN – Dave
KX1X – John
K1YO – Bob
N1FJ – Frandy
Guests: W1MOR – Eric
WM1B – Dave

Dave Fant WM1B


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