Board Meeting Minutes – March 11, 2014

HCRA Board of Directors Meeting
March 11th, 2014

 Location: West Springfield, MA. The meeting was called to order at 7:13PM
Present: KK1W, KB1NWH, AA1YW, N1FJ, N1KXR, W1MSW


Vice President – KB1NWH
More antenna installation with Eric/W1MOR

Treasurer – AA1YW
Current financial report: $9666.49
Status of WRTC Sales: $5713.00 sold to date
Status of FT857 raffle:  Net profit for this raffle: $910.
It is noted we have a payable due WRTC by June 1st for $4000 for the WRTC stations.
We have a balance of $28.52 in our PayPal account.

Secretary – Open – KK1W will take notes
Ed is handling USPS PO Box pickup. All mail is up to date


Technical – K1YO (not present)
April’s Tech corner will expand to fill the whole meeting with the subject of Yagi antennas.

Zero Beat, N1FJ
Frandy is close to securing a service that can print and mail the USPS Zero Beats. He will be testing it  and have results for us at the May meeting.

Membership – N1KXR
Current Membership: 74 Regular, 9 Family, 3 Life and 7 Prospects
Members joining after March 1 will have an expiration date of 8/31/2015
Rich is working on a method of following up with non-renewed members from 2012 and 2013.

At Large – Not present
Venture Crew 510 Charter should be on track for renewal.

Program – W1MSW – Not present
April: – Bob/K1YO on Yagi Antennas
May:  Chuck/ARRL on the ARRL’s “Intruder Watch” program
June: Field Day planning, N1MM workshop, elections

The ‘cloud database’ has not been completed. The board decided to stay with our present Access database. Ed is maintaining it and Bob/K1YO has offered to help with queries.

Jim/KK1W is working on reaching out to members and encouraging them to join the board.

Ed/KB1NWH reported the Town of Agawam is happy to have us back for Field Day 2014. There is construction at the park but it shouldn’t pose any problems.

Dave, Jeff and Jim will develop a ‘PayPal’ workflow so next year’s Treasurer will be in a position to handle the high renewal influx.
Our table at the MTARA hamfest was a great success. We had lot’s of staff for the table and many visitors. Raffle ticket sales were brisk. HCRA donated two tickets to MTARA for raffle prizes during the hamfest. The drawing was held at noon and the winner was Frandy/N1FJ. HCRA thanks MTARA for their generous hospitality. (KK1W)

W1MSW and KB1NWH tell us Field Day 2014 planning in underway and on schedule. There was some discussion about providing food. General consensus was not to do so again this year. The main reasons are close proximity to many restaurants and a lack of a ‘food person’ to run the job. They would entertain providing coffee/donuts on Saturday and Sunday morning if a volunteer is found to do it.

Our new contact person at HMC is now Doug/KB1JC.

2013/2014 Board Meeting Dates
May 6th
June 10th

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Respectfully submitted by Jim Mullen/KK1W


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