June 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

HCRA BOD Meeting Minutes
June 11th, 2015
Location: IHOP West Springfield MA
Meeting called to order by President Jeff NT1k
Daye AA1Y Larry W1AST Juergen NV1Q John K1VOI
Bob K1YO Gary WA1MOW Jeff NT1K Ed KB1NWH
Dave WM1B

Officer Reports
Past President: Great Year A lot of Fun. Transfer PO Box to Gary WA1MOW.
President – NT1K – Transition from Ed (NWH), Goals as President: Will be asking for individuals to handle the work that is their responsibility. President cannot do everything. Will be working with ARRL to draft a New Member Welcome Package. Web Site and twitter account are general access. Will be looking for a new Web-Master to take over the responsibility of the web. Looking to get HCRA into the Public Eye. Discussion on a postcard to the 700 Hams in Hamden County. Something to look at over the summer before fall.
Vice President – OPEN – Thoughts for candidate for VP?
Treasurer – NV1Q – Transition from Dave (AA1YW), Balance 6/11/2015 $ 6,825.51 Discussion to provide a donation to D-Xpedition (http://www.intrepid-dx.com/vp8/ ) Will curb for future meeting. Dave and Juergen To transfer books on Saturday.
Secretary – WM1B – Any paperwork due? 990-N After July and also Update ARRL Website
Director Reports
Technical – K1YO – Status report: Put up antenna in Holland for KC1DKU Blair.
Zero Beat – WA1MOW – ZB Deadline, Featured Member? Deadline for next ZB is August 28. Possible New Member , Silent Key, Technical Corner “Ask Bob”
Membership – K1VOI – Transition from Rich (N1KXR) Currently 104 Members 92 Paying. WM1B to send copy of Data Base to John K1VOI
Past At Large: Jeff reported on issues
At Large – W1MOR absent – no report
Program – W1AST – Programs for 2015/16 Season. Confirmations – November meeting set up, Balance will be finished by end of summer.

Old Business
Holiday Party – Any more places to consider? Review prices at Wilbraham CC and also keep Steaming Tender in the mix.
Field Day – AB-577 acquired for $300.00, 40-2CD repair clamps needed and are on order.
HCRA BOD Site – Should we still use it? Decision was made to drop the use of the site.
New Business
ARRL Cabinet meeting 7/11 (Boxborough)
Open Stub J-Pole Antenna Project October meeting, Cost about $20 per kit Motion made to cover the expenses of NT1K for costs of kits.
Welcome package for new operators.
Make Facebook group private. A poll to be taken of who wants it to be closed.
WM1B moves that we have membership cards for members. Dave to print. Gary seconded. Passed.
Question as to renting a van to go to Boxborough for the convention. Jeff will put it on the web for questions for interest. Gary to check on price
No membership raffle this fall.
BOD summer picnic at NT1K’s house. Last week of August . 23-29.
WM1B Moved to adjourn.
Meeting adjourned at 9:16 PM

Dave Fant Secretary


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