Events and Meetings

All general meetings start at 7:00 pm, in the Holyoke Medical Center Auxiliary Conference Room. The social portion is at 7:00pm, and the main presentation starts at 7:30 pm. General meetings are on Fridays, usually the first Friday of the month.

Share the Knowledge Sessions (STKs) are on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 7:00pm on Zoom unless otherwise noted. To connect to a specific STK via Zoom, click on the corresponding STK title in the meeting list below.

Special Events and Classes

January 2024 Ham Radio Licensing Class

Event Calendar

General Meetings and STKs

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Jan. 5, 2024:      Winter Field Day, by Marvin Turner, W0MET

Jan. 9, 2024:     STK: All about Raspberry Pi, by Aaron Addison, KF1G

Jan. 23:              STK: All about D-Star, compared to DMR and Fusion, by Terry Stader, K8SCP

Jan. 30:              STK: All about WRTC 2023 in Italy, by Dennis Egan, W1UE

Feb. 2, 2024:      APRS, digital and modern packet, by Gary Fields, AA1UE

Feb. 8:              STK: Everything about End Fed Antennas, by Greg, WA1JXR

Feb. 22:              STK: Linux and Ham Radio, by Andy, KB1OIQ

Mar. 1, 2024:      Recovering and repurposing weather balloon radiosondes, by W0MXX

Mar 12:              STK: 1st time at the New England Forest Rally , by Phil Lord, K1PRA

Apr. 5, 2024:      The annual HCRA Show and Tell is back once again! Enter your projects, kits or whatever and win prizes!

May 3, 2024:      Adventures in the POTA and SOTA world by Mindy, KM1NDY

Jun. 7, 2024:      Elections, Field Day prep, and more. Please consider running for a Board of Directors position.

Sep 6, 2024:      Guest speaker to be announced.

Oct 4, 2024:      Presentation on 3D printing and Ham Radio by Jeff Bail, NT1K

Nov 1, 2024:      HCRA’s annual in person auction. Ham Radio Gear and Related Accessories Only! Absolutely NO computers, monitors, or PC parts!



Fri Jan 6, 2023:             The New England Forest Road Rally by Tim Carter, W3ATB, ZOOM LIVE & in-person!

Tue Jan 17, 2023:           STK – All About Reverse Beacons & What They Do, By Peter Smith, N4ZR

Tue Jan 24, 2023:           STK – 9 Band DXX on a Small Lot, By Mark, KE1IU

Fri Feb 3, 2023:             Amelia Earhart Expedition and Radio Communications Used at the Time by Tom Vinson, NY0V

Tue Feb 21, 2023:         STK – part 1 – Inexpensive tools for the ham operator by Bob, K1YO Zoom

Tue Feb 28, 2023:         STK – part 2 – Inexpensive tools for the ham operator by Bob, K1YO Zoom

Fri Mar 3, 2023:            Guest Speaker to be announced

Tue Mar 14, 2023:         STK – A Modern Guide to Radio Teletype (RTTY), By Juergen, MV1Q

Tue Mar 28, 2023:         STK – The YLRL (Young Ladies Radio League), By Barbara, KC1KGS
and Anne, WB1ARU

Fri Apr 7, 2023:             Show and Tell, Enter your projects and win prizes!

Tue Apr 11, 2023:         STK – The ARRL and You

Fri May 5, 2023:           Guest Speaker to be announced

Fri Jun 2, 2023:            Elections, Field Day Prep and More. Please Consider Running for a Board Position

Fri Sep 8, 2023:        All types of wire antennas By Bob Glorioso, W1IS, and Bob Rose, KC1DSQ

Fri Oct 6, 2023:        Special Guest Speaker – WWLP Channel 22’s meteorologist, Adam Strzempko, W1AJS

Fri Nov 3, 2023:        HCRA’s Annual Auction is Back in-Person at the November Meeting! Ham Radio Gear and Related Accessories Only! Absolutely no computers, monitors, or PC parts

Dec 5, 2023:        Annual HCRA Holiday Party at The Steaming Tender Restaurant



Fri Jan 7, 2022:            Power & Go Box Design & Construction by Charlie, KC1IKA.

Fri Feb 4, 2022:           Ken, WO1N, from the Yankee Clipper Contest Club aka YCCC

Fri Mar 4, 2022:           The New England Forest Rally by Paul, W1SEX  History of Radio

Tue Mar 22, 2022:        SOTA – What is it and how to get started? , by Harold, N1FTP Zoom 

Fri Apr 1, 2022:           Show and Tell Zoom

Tue Apr 5, 2022:          W1 QSL Bureau, What is it and what you need to know, by Eric, KV1J  Zoom 

Tue Apr 19, 2022:        Using Propagation Prediction Software By Denis, W1UE Zoom

Tue Apr 26, 2022:         Tom, K1KI will talk all about NEQP Zoom

Fri May 6, 2022:           Intro to Antenna Modeling by WA1JXR Zoom

Fri Jun 3, 2022:          Elections and Field Day Zoom

Fri Sep 9, 2022:         K3LR Super-station by Tim Duffy, K3LR (In person meeting)

Fri Oct 7, 2022:         Remote Ham Radio by Rockwell, WW1X (In person and via ZOOM Link Here)

Fri Nov 4, 2022:         HCRA’s Annual Auction: Ham Radio Gear and Related Accessories ONLY! NO Computers, Monitors or PC Parts!

Mon Dec 5, 2022:         Annual HCRA Holiday Party at The Steaming Tender Restaurant

Fri Jan 6, 2023:         TBD

Fri Feb 3, 2023:         TBD

Fri Mar 3, 2023:         TBD

Fri Apr 7, 2023:         TBD

Fri May 5, 2023:         TBD

Fri Jun 2, 2023:         Elections, Field Day Prep and More. Consider running.



Jan 8, 2021: Very Cool Awards Anyone Can Earn by Harold, N1FTP.

Feb 5, 2021: Fox Hunting Techniques and Gear Used as presented by members of the CT Fox Hunters Group.

Mar 5, 2021: What is ClubLog and What can You Do With It?.

Apri9, 2021: Show and Tell is Back, get your projects ready!

May 7, 2021: Talking to the ISS by, KB1MDS Mariusz Zielinski

Jun 4, 2021: Elections, Field Day and more

Sept 10, 2021: Everything You Need to Work Satellites by Gary Thomas, AA1UE

Oct 1, 2021: Building a Solid Future for Ham Radio by Fred Kemmerer, AB1AOC /p>

Nov 5, 2021: Everything you Need to Know About YouTube and POTA by Bob, N1NUG</span

Dec 6, 2021: Holiday Party at the Steaming Tender, 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm



January 3, 2020: Bob Hassett; KB1IVG of the Springfield Emergency Preparedness EOC.
7:00 pm mini share the knowledge session – Vanessa, W1IRL Antenna Analyzer Basics

February 7, 2020: The Return of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service in Western Mass by Bob, K1YO.
7:00 pm mini share the knowledge session – Local Repeaters, UHF/VHF operations by Harold, N1FTP.

March 6, 2020: Skywarn and how important wx tracking is to ham radio by Rob Macedo, KC1DY.
7:00 pm mini share the knowledge session – Putting Together a Basic HF Station by W1IRL

April 3, 2020: CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS Restrictions.

May 1, 2020: (tentative) Marty Sullaway, NN1C: Team Exuberance – teens and contesting

June 5, 2020: Elections, Field Day and more

Sep 11, 2020: Show and Tell, get your kits/builds ready!

Oct 2, 2020: How to begin contesting by Matt, W1PY

Nov 6, 2020: SDR Demo & the Flex radio by Jeff, NT1K

Dec 4, 2020: Virtual Holiday Party with Guest Speaker Fred Hoppengarten, K1VR. The New England ARRL Director will be speaking and answering questions afterwards.



January 2019: Najm, AB1ZA – EZ-NEC and Antenna Modeling and Design Software

February 2019: Grounding and Bonding presentation by DX Engineering via Skype

March 2019: John Ellsworth from the Vintage Radio Museum

April 2019: Show and Tell

May 2019: Timothy, KA2A: Talk and demo on DMR and hotspots. He is coming from NJ.

June 2019: Elections and Field Day 2019

September 2019: Ted Robinson, K1QAR: All you want to know about Magnetic Loops

October 2019: Rich Collins, K2UPS: A night of CW. Rich will speak to us about the group he helped to start, the Long Island CW Group and also show some of his key collection.

November 2019: 7:30 pm Jeff, K1ZM: The Amazing Transatlantic Feat of 1901 by Marconi via Skype from PEI.
7:00 pm mini share the knowledge session – Charlie, KC1IKA VHF/UHF Small Go-Box.

December 2019: Holiday Party



January 2018: canceled due to extremely cold weather

February 2018: Lightning Protection by Parker Willard of the Boston Lightning Rod Company – NO SHOW – impromptu meeting

March 2018: Jeff bail, NT1K: Digital and specifically FT8 modes

April 2018: Show and Tell

May 2018: Steve Ford, WB8IMY on the Sun and how it affects our Propagation

June 2018: Elections and Field Day

September 2018: Najm, AB1ZA SDR design

October 2018: DX Engineering Presentation K3EL’s Contest Station via skype

November 2, 2018: Ray KB1LRL, WMA Section Manager

December 2018: Holiday Party



January 2017: January 6, Remote Ham Radio by Rockwell Schrock

February 2017: John Kolatai from hamsource.com

March 2017: Dick Frey, WA2AAU from the Weak Signal Group – VHF and Beyond. What is out there?

April 2017: Show and Tell

May 2017: Steve Davidson, K1SMD from HRO to talk on Go Boxes

June 2017: Elections and Field Day

September 2017: World Wide Flora & Fauna (WWFF) by Rich Laviolette, KC1AEO

October 2017: Dave Bernstein, AA6YQ: Author of DX Lab Suite

November 2017: Harold, N1FTP: “SWLing and DXing, Yesterday and Today”

December 2017: Holiday Party



January 2016:       Jeff, NM1Y – The Navassa Island Dxpedition

February 2016:     Jim, KK1W and Frandy, NF1J on NPOTA

March 2016:         Gary Thomas, AA1UE on portable Satellite communications

April 2016:           Show and Tell

May 2016:            Jon Perelstein, WB2RYV: How to Report Weather & How to Properly Read Your Weather App  

June 2016:            Election and Field Day planning with President Jeff, NT1K

September 2016:   Tony Brock-Fisher, K1KP – Solar Power and RFI, what you need to know,

October 2016:       Hanz Busch, W1JSB to speak and demo his Radio, Set, Go portable radios.

November 2016:    Dennis Markel, N1IMW – The history of WCC and Chatham Marconi Radio.

December 2016:    Annual Holiday Party



January 2015: QRP DX-Pedition by Scott, NE1RD

February 2015: W1 QSL Buro by Eric, KV1J

March 2015: Show and Tell

April 2015: High Altitude Ballooning and Ham Radio by Larry Palmer, NW1X

May 2015: Speaker Design by Steve, K1RF

June 2015: Elections and Field Day Plans

September 2015: EME by Fred Stephanic, N1DPM

October 2015: DMR Digital Radio by Steve Shore, WA1ZEV

November 2015: Joe Chapman, NV1W – Bicycle Mobile HF

December 2015: Holiday Party



September 2014: Matt; Jim and Eric on Field Day and WRTC

October 2014: Bob, W1FDR on Fox Hunting and ARDF

November 2014: Scanning Today and Scanners by Alex Lentini, Lentini Communications

December 2014: HCRA Holiday Party at The Steaming Tender