Welcome to the 2014 – 2015 Year

OK, here we go. It the first meeting of the year tomorrow night at the Holyoke Medical Center at 7:30.

There will be the usual camaraderie, 3 that’s right 3 guest speakers. KK1W, W1MSW, and W1MOR. All have short presentations on these summers’ activities that the club participated in in one way or another, They will be talking about Field Days and WRTC.

There will be chances for you to buy your HCRA 250 Raffle tickets for a nice KX3.

Renew you membership and get entered for a MFJ 266B antenna analyzer.


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  1. John D. Lane Avatar
    John D. Lane

    l am looking for an active ham radio club,not a repeater club or one full of polotical squabbles and temper flare ups,i have lived in the palmer area for 5 yrs now been licensed since 1988 and a general class licensee…had bad experience in past clubs i was in,pvra/chippens hill/ICRC….looking for fun education and activity…so what do you have de ka1wvm John palmer mass

    1. Hi John

      My name is Ed, I am the HCRA current president. I would like to welcome you to the next club meeting, which is October 3rd. You can find directions at the top of the page in the drop downs.

      Bob – W1FDR
      Our next meeting Presentation will cover both fox hunting done on the local level with lots of examples and techniques used for finding fox in both auto and by foot. I will also bring in some equipment that is used to find the fox. also discussed will be ARDF (which is national and international fox hunting) and how and it is both different and similar to what we do locally; along with the techniques of using orienteering to find the fox.

      BTW. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, my mail preference were not set correctly.

      Any other questions please let us know.


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