Down with the old & up with the new @ W1MOR QTH

old tower down

Old tower with vertical down successfully.



Custom made tilt over base for Rohn 25g tower securely lagged into concrete. 9 inch X 1/2 inch concrete fasteners were used.

base + 1 25g

Base with  section of Rohn 25G installed for mock up.


Rohn house bracket installed. Secured by 3/8 X 8″ galvanized lag bolts. Pilot holes were drilled.

2 section mock

2 sections of Rohn 25G assembled for mock up and measuring of house bracket.

ham work bench

Remember an organized work bench make the project go a lot smoother.

3 25G and Missle

Three sections of Rohn 25G and (1) missile top assembled and ready for cabling.

RF Choce

Did I mention this tower project is fairly low budget? This is my attempt of an RF choke. 4 inch PVC pipe with 6 wraps of cable. Should have been 6″  with 8 wraps. Also in this photo is the rotor for the project, an Alliance HD73.

cables 1

4 runs of RG 8U and rotor control cable.

cable rough in

cables rough in

Assembled tower with cables roughed in.

2m beam & vert

H.C.R.A. President, KB1NWH Ed LaCombe, starting to add antennas to the mast.  Jetstream JT1B vertical and Hygain VB 214 FM 2 meter beam.

tower a4 adding tower disc

Here we have the Antennacraft ST-2 multi-band scanner antenna installed and are prepping to mount the Cushcraft A4 with 40 meter option to the mast. Pictured here from left to right are as follows; my son Kevin (an up and coming ham ),  K1YO Robert  Meneguzzo H.C.R.A.’s Technical adviser (light blue shirt), KB1NWH Ed LaCombe H.C.R.A.’s President (dark colored shirt), KB1VWQ Dan Vierno (red shirt) and myself W1MOR Eric LaCombe H.C.R.A.’s Vice President (white shirt).


4 element beam being positioned

eyeball gauge

KB1NWH using his finely tuned eyeball level


If you look closely at the far left window in the second story you will see a 10 ton snatch block that was secured inside the house allowing for the use of my F350 and an arbor rope to raise the tower.

hard hat

Celebratory crew photo. KB1VWQ is extremely happy he didn’t damage his hard hat.

street view

Street view of the partial tower.


KB1NWH performing final adjustments and adding final components.



G5RV is now mounted in a horizontalish V-ish pattern and working surprisingly well. Davis Vantage Vue installed and online. It can be viewed at http://www.findu.com%2fcgi-bin%2fwxpage.cgi%3fcall%3dw1mor&h=7aqethezh/

Next Project Heathkit SB200 & SBE SB2 LA linear repair/upgrades.

Time for some DX!!!




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  1. Very Nice project. Looks like a typo, snatch block in right window.

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