Board Meeting Minutes Aug 12, 2014

HCRA Board of Directors Minutes

Aug 15, 2014 7:15 PM at W1AST QTH
Vice President – W1MOR
Projects: New tower at W1MOR QTH
FD with royal rangers set up station in Gardner, MA with multiple antennae
Turned a number of youth into amateur radio

Treasurer – AA1YW Not Present
Ed still needs to be added on Checks
Pay-Pal Jeff to work with Dave on process

Secretary – WM1B
Report- Minutes of June meeting accepted (MSP)
Minutes will be sent out within 2 weeks of BOD meeting to the board for approval. Put a final on the web site after board approval.

Technical – K1YO Not Present
No Report

Zero Beat, WA1MOW
Report: Needs input to add to ZB Deadline is 20th of month.
Ham of the month: Still to be determined as to who. Suggest Shack of Month?
Picture page. Tidbit column. Website of month. Welcome new members Name, Call, Town.
Secretary to obtain the members who are getting hard copy. Contact to see if EM is acceptable.

Membership – N1KXR
Starting in September, will want a report for member totals (get them from the Secretary)
Only put what is on the App in the E-Mail List
Moved(W1AST)MFJ 266B ($299.95) Antenna Analyzer as a Membership Raffle for all who renew at or before the October meeting. Drawing at end October meeting. Seconded (W1MOR) Passed. AA1YW to purchase.
New Ham Packet to be assembled for those new Hams

At Large – NT1K
Web site has been updated. Account has been paid up for two additional years. It receives about 50 hits per day.
Make changes so that purchase can be made from Pay pal account
Request that a Square be obtained for processing credit cards at meeting

Program – W1AST
Upcoming Meetings?
October open
November open



250 Raffle….KX3..#sold approximately 20 tickets sold
QSL manager NT1K agreed to be QSL Manager along with LOTW. Ed gave him PW

Drop box table for next meeting. Account created, Ed has access.

Move to get rid of Yahoo BOD group. Perhaps a Private FB Page. We also have a BB on HCRA

Need to assist and develop Elmers

NT1K planning a Ham Class this fall. Plans Need to be developed


W1MOR Packet for VE exams

AA1YW put Ed on checks.

N1KXR get total memberships from secretary at Sept meeting

W1AST BOD T-shirts Dark, Black or Navy Blue. Order Name badges


NT1K publish May & June minutes To send us a group message to give us access to check out BB

WA1MOW Send list to secretary from Frandy of those who get hard copies of ZB

WM1B get minutes out to BOD


2 responses to “Board Meeting Minutes Aug 12, 2014”

  1. Frandy Johnson Avatar
    Frandy Johnson

    What’s this all about? “W1AST BOD T-shirts Dark, Black or Navy Blue. Order Name badges”. BOD T-shirts? Does that mean just the BOD? I think the minutes should reflect specifically what actions and votes were taken by the Board of Directors, especially those involving expenditures. de N1FJ

    1. GE Frandy,

      Multi part answer.

      As usual there are items available for the members to buy. I/we thought that it would be easier for the members to find a member of the BOD if they had a different shirt than the rest.

      Since our other name badge person has retired, we needed a new one.

      All personal items that the BOD members purchase come out of their own pockets.

      Your President

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