WB1Z wins “County Expedition Plaque” for NEQP 2012



Arriving in the mail today was this beautiful plaque for our efforts during last year’s NEQP.

WB1Z County Hunter Award - 2012
WB1Z County Hunter Award – 2012







We’re going to be back there again this year and hope to bring HCRA home yet another award. Thanks to Frandy/N1FJ, Matt/W1MSW and of course Dave/AA1YW for providing a comfy shack in Windham County, VT

Where will you be operating from this year?

More info on NEQP can be found here.



4 responses to “WB1Z wins “County Expedition Plaque” for NEQP 2012”

  1. Congratulations, nice job.

  2. Frandy Johnson, N1FJ Avatar
    Frandy Johnson, N1FJ


  3. David Cain Avatar
    David Cain

    All we did was eat good food,drink good bear and talk on the radio what a country.

    1. Ain’t that the truth. I will pick us up some good beer at Tree House this Thursday – any special requests?


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