Get ready for the New England QSO Party May 4th & 5th.

Tom/K1KI sent the message copied below. Please take a moment to read it and hopefully you will be QRV in NEQP this year. Don’t forget, HCRA sponsors a beautiful plaque for high score, single op, Hampden County. I’ll bet it would look nice on the wall in YOUR shack!

Here’s Tom’s message:

I hope everyone is thinking ahead to the New England QSO Party on May 4th and 5th.

The NEQP is a great time to check out antenna systems and radios outside of the major contests.  Plus – the focus will be working you.   Activity is usually very good – there’s also the Italian DX contest the same weekend, the on Saturday you’ll be able to catch all of the W7 multipliers in the 7QP.

We’re working to make sure that all of the New England counties are active again this year and would appreciate your help.  Get on for at least an hour or two and join in on the fun.  Please let me know if you can put in any time at all so we can work on activity from the rarest counties.

Oh yes, the NEQP is also lots of fun when mobile.  Every time you cross a county line the pileup starts over again.   It’s amazing what a 100w radio and mobile whip can do.

The contest is 20 hours long overall, in two sections with a civilized break for sleep Saturday night.  It goes from 4pm Saturday until 1am Sunday, then 9am Sunday until 8pm Sunday.
Last year we had logs from more than 50 YCCCers – and 400+ other stations.  You’ll find that many of the participants will turn into future big gun contesters aftere\ they figure it all out!

Full rules are here ->  http://www.neqp.org/rules.html

The last eleven year’s worth of results are here ->  http://www.neqp.org/results.html

See if you can set a record or two!

Will you be QRV?

   73 Tom/K1KI


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