April 2021 Meeting – Show and Tell

Get your projects ready for our next Show and Tell on April 2, 2021.

Show and Tell is meant to encourage the ham Do It Yourself (DIY) spirit. You can build something using hardware and/or software. It could range from extremely simple to extremely complicated, but be aware of the time limitation.

Preferably it should be powered up and demonstrated even if all features are not implemented.

Show and be proud of your personal effort. It is OK to borrow ideas and we all learn and learn from others, just make sure you cite your sources and give credit where credit is due.



One response to “April 2021 Meeting – Show and Tell”

  1. mtaraorg Avatar

    As I have participated in a number of Show & Tell events, as contributor or being in charge, I would like to comment on the new rules that Najm is working on before they will be released.
    Juergen, NV1Q

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