HCRA BOD Meeting 22-Feb-2018

HCRA Board of Directors meeting 22-Feb-2018


President – WM1B (Dave)

Vice President – OPEN

Secretary – N1FTP (Harold)

Treasurer – NV1Q (Juergen)

Tech. Dir – K1YO (Bob)

Program Dir. – W1AST (Larry)

Membership – K1VOI (John)


Zero Beat Ed. – W1MOW (Gary)

At Large – KB1RXO (Karl)

——————————— Meeting Open at 7:00pm ———————

President Report:

  • Find ways to get out into the community to promote ham radio as well as HCRA.
  • Discussed the importance of a “Get On The Air” station at field day to get interested people on the air. Maybe setup another local repeater group to communicate with. Would benefit both clubs. Make it a part of the visitor station.

Vice President Report:

  • OPEN

Secretary Report:

  • Approval of previous Board of Director’s meeting minutes. Harold suggested changing the wording from “additional Director Positions” to “additional Liaison position’s”. Approved and accepted.
  • Raffle tickets sales are at 90 and it looks like we will meet our quota and be able to have the raffle at the MTARA flea.
  • A table has been reserved at the MTARA flea. Harold will bring our banner and setup shop.

Treasurers Report:

  • The Treasurers report is available on request.

Program Director Report

  • March, John Ellsworth, Vintage Radio Museum in CT.
  • April, Show & Tell
  • May, Steve Ford (WB8IMY) from ARRL
  • June, DX engineering and Elections

At Large Report:

  • Nothing to report.

Membership Report:

  • 68 members so far for 2018 (54 members in total, 8 prospects, 2 family, and 4 lifetime members). John will put a reminder in Zero Beat for membership renewals.

Technical Director:

  • Bob has made some outstanding progress on his technical projects for select club members. He has completed his first overall tests and is very satisfied with the results. More to do and more to follow.
  • Bob has also formulated a list of committees that are needed for a successful Field Day. This will be discussed at our next member’s meeting.

Zero Beat Editor:

  • Nothing to report.

Old Business:

  • A reminder that each director needs to write down what they think their job descriptions are. So far, descriptions have come in from the Technical Director and Secretary.

New Business:

  • The Vice President position is still open.
  • Juergen will order the Yaesu FT-891 and ATAS-120A as the raffle prize for the MTARA flea.
  • Access to our trailer is needed to retrieve the HCRA advertisement board for display at the flea. Bob, K1YO will be handling this.

Open Floor Discussion: (GOO – Good of the Order)

  • Who will be responsible for sending out QSL’s to operators that contacted W1NY and/or WB1Z? John will work on designing and purchasing QSL cards.

Next Board of Director’s meeting will be on 22-March-2018 with a backup date of 29-March-2018.

——————————— Meeting Closed at 7:40pm ———————


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