HCRA Raffle Poll – What would you liked to see raffled?

Every year, HCRA sponsors a fund raiser through a raffle. We usually choose an item (or items) that retails for around $1000 and raffle it off to one lucky winner. Last year we raffled the Elecraft KX2. It’s a 5-10 watt HF rig that included a microphone and antenna tuner. It sold around 180 tickets and our winner was Alex Rock (AB1FC). This year we are torn as to what the item(s) would be. Below are some possible choices. Please pick what you would like to be raffled following the options below

Option 1 –  Yaesu FT-891 With ATAS-120A Antenna  (WINNER!!!)

Ever wanted to operate mobile? Here you chance! Last year Yaesu rolled out with the FT-891. A Full HF+6M all mode rig with up to 100w output. It has a larger screen and a larger dial compared to the FT-857D which offers ease of use. Included with the FT-891 is the ATAS-120a automatic antenna. This setup could also be used at the home or portable.

For features of the FT-891 – Please Click Here

For features of the ATAS-102A – Please Click Here (PDF)

*- Mounts/Coax not included

Price: FT-891 ($700) + ATAS 120A  ($325) = $1025

Option 2ELAD FDM-Duo Multi use SDR transceiver
Interested in SDR but also don’t want to be tied down with only having to use a computer? This is a perfect rig for those who don’t have much room on their table and would like to have an HF rig. This 5-8 watt rig can be used in many configurations with or without a computer

For features and more information about the ELAD FDM-Duno – Click Here

Price: Approx $1000

Option 3Elecraft KX2 with Speaker Mic and Automatic Antenna Tuner

With the success of the last raffle and the popularity of the KX2, we figured to offer it up again. This is an all mode 80-10m HF rig that has an excellent feature and is packed full of options that will fit in your hand. It’s an excellent portable QRP rig. If selected, HCRA will also include the Microphone (as pictured) and an excellent auto tuner option.

For features and more information about the Elecraft KX2 – Click Here

*- CW paddle not included

Price: Approx $1000

Please vote below for what you would think would sell the most tickets. 


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