HCRA Board of Directors meeting May 3, 2017

HCRA Board of Directors meeting 03-May-2017


President – NT1K (Jeff)

Secretary – N1FTP (Harold)

Treasurer – NV1Q (Juergen)

Program Dir. – W1AST (Larry)

Tech. Dir – K1YO (Bob)

Zero Beat Ed. – WA1MOW (Gary)

Membership – K1VOI (John)


At Large – KB1RXO (Karl)

Vice President – WM1B (Dave)

——————————— Meeting Open at 7:03pm ———————

President Report:

  • Nothing to report.

Vice President Report:

  • Nothing to report.

Secretary Report:

  • Nothing to report.

Treasurers Report:

  • The Treasurers report is available on request.

Program Director Report:

  • May 5th will be Steve Davidson, Mgr HRO, Salem, NH, Go Boxes
  • Jun 2nd, Elections and Field Day 2017.
  • Sep 1st, is WWFF presentation (KC1AEO)
  • Oct 6th, presentation on DXLabs
  • Nov 3rd, SWLing and Dxing (N1FTP)
  • Dec, 4th, Holiday Party
  • Jan 5th, guest speaker via Skype from DX Engineering. (Jeff will be looking into a prepaid hotspot or alternative to handle the Skype data.)

At Large Report:

  • Nothing to report.

Membership Report:

  • Currently there are 96 paid members.

Technical Director:

  • Nothing to report

Zero Beat Editor:

  • Zero Beat will now be published every other month starting in September. For the other months, a flier will be published with upcoming announcements and meetings.

(This item will be brought to the membership for information only.)

Old Business:

  • Holiday Party: a vote by all the members attending the May meeting will be asked if they would like to have the Holiday Party on Sunday afternoon or Monday evening. That question is also on our Facebook page.
  • HCRA Tumbler: We are currently trying to get the same price per unit but for a smaller minimum order. This does not have to be resolved until September.
  • Field Day trailer: will have a cleanup, inventory, reorganization, and repair on May 13 at 10am.
  • Field Day Status: everything has been confirmed, a grill was donated by KC1B, captains have been assigned, food is all set, and there will be a VE session lead by Jeff. A 10X20 car port was researched by Dave. The Board made a motion to spend the $300 for the car port.
    • In Favor-7
    • Apposed-0

New Business:

  • The position of President and Vice President was brought up and the membership will be asked for approvals and candidates at the May meeting.
  • Remove Jeff from the bank account and add the new President. Ease of transition will be investigated by Juergen

Open Floor Discussion:

  • Nothing to report.

——————————— Meeting Closed at 8:35pm ———————


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