QSL Card Sources

Did last night’s meeting want you to start making QSL cards? Here are some sources in how to obtain some QSL cards! There are many printers that are local, regional and even international. These are just some of the many places

  • UX5UO Print – See a lot of QSL cards come from this printer. Prices range from $59 per 1000 to $160 per 1000 high quality
  • Cheap QSLs – $9.99 per 100, this would be great for a portable operation or if you don’t do much activity
  • Universal Radio’s Blank Globe Cards – for $5 you can get a 100 cards. But you would have to manually fill in all the information.
  • KB3IFH – Another known QSL card maker
  • Franklin Printing – $135 per 1000 for new cards, $85 per 1000 for reprints

There are also options in how to print cards from home

Not sure how to design your card?

Some QSL card makers will help you out with your design at no cost or a small fee.
Radio QTH offers to help you out. All you need to do is fill out the information, upload a picture and you now have a design!

Avoid having to print, label and sort cards! Global QSL will do it for you! Check out their website for prices. It’s not bad considering the only work you need to do filter and send your electronic log file to them

Card designed and printed? You can send direct or you can using either the ARRL Bureau or others to save on postage.

Don’t forget that QSL cards will be coming back to you from the DX!

You’ll need to have an account setup with the W1 QSL Bureau.
Please checkout their website for more information

A big thanks goes out to Eric (KV1J) who made the trek out to western mass and gave a great presentation. You now have an idea in what it takes to get you your QSL card.

– Jeff (NT1K)
HCRA At-Large


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  1. Go morning Jeff NT1K, My name is Barry Rimer WA2WAO, I’ve been printing QSL’s since 1962, yes I’ve been doing QSLs for over half a century, and a Ham for 54 years this year, first as “The WA2WAO Press” and a name change in 1971 to Corner Press, since I became a full serve printer, vs The WA2WAO Press that just did QSL’s. I’m updating my website, but you can see my current one at CornerPress.com. I have standard designs and I do custom work at no charge unless it get complicated or requires outside artwork.
    I’d like to be included in your listing of QSL printers.
    73’s & thank you, Barry WA2WAO

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