Russian SSTV Transmissions planned for this weekend (Jan 31, Feb1)

From ARISS (1/29/15)

Russian SSTV transmissions are planned from the International Space Station on January 31 and February 1. The transmit frequency will be 145.800. The expected mode is PD180 producing a high quality image with a frame scan of 187 seconds.

Image transmissions for Saturday, Jan. 31 should begin at 10:00 UTC and on Sunday,  Feb. 1, look for signals to start at 09:00 UTC. For both days, operation is expected to terminate around 21:30 UTC.

Locally (Hampden County) the predictions don’t look promising according to AMSAT pass predictions.

(Also check out http://www.n2yo.com/passes/)

If you happen to catch it, you may receive an image similar to
Hist5Or others that are shown on the ARISS Website

The equipment needed can be simple as a Laptop, Radio/Scanner and a VHF directional antenna.

NT1K has received the above image using his laptop running MMSSTV, A radio shack scanner and a log periodic antenna. You can substitute the antenna for a tape measure yagi



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