Board Meeting Minutes – June 12th, 2014

HCRA Board of Directors Meeting
June 12, 2014

Officers in Attendance,

W1MOR – Eric
AA1YW  – Dave
WM1B – Dave F
W1AST – Larry
NT1K  – Jeff
WA1MOW – Gary
N1KXR  – Rich

Meeting opened at 7:30 PM at the Hampden Bank, West Springfield

 Officers Reports

VP Report – W1MOR:    Projects include tower projects.  Planned FD in Gardner, MA.  Outlined proposed New Membership plan,  including but not limited to, New Member Packet, Recruiting Elmers, Adding Technical training sessions (coordinate with Bob K1YO)  Developing a membership committee to work with N1KXR.

Treasurer AA1YW:   Current Balance $9508.72 plus misc $1,32   WRTC 2 bases, 2 chairs, Fan, Light , Rotor & Cable are all that is left.  FD Supplies, $350.

Recommended that an additional signature authority be added to checking account;  MSP that the President be added as an authorized signature

Technical K1YO:  Will do demo of Hi Pass Filter at FD  plus any other Demo;s of his choice

Zero Beat WA1MOW: Worked with Frandy on last issue of ZB  Using Publisher as basis of preparing.  Considering adding Ads and Classified to ZB.  Will be featuring “Ham of Month”

Membership N1KXR:  Review Membership DB,  List number of members in Minutes;  Need to obtain an update on EM addresses as a number of the mailings are being rejected.  With the number of members of the Board who need access to the most current DB Information,  decision was made to keep the data in an electronic Drop Box,  Requested NT1K to set up standards and procedures.

IT  NT1K:  Gave a primer on the use of the HCRA Website and how officers can access and add information to the Website,

Program W1AST:  Sept: Summary of WRTC & FD

Oct & Nov  Open
Dec  Holiday Party at Steaming Tender


WRTC wrapped up


FD is a go at Agawam,  Park construction will be a non issue,  Drive in is OK for campers & trailers,  Band Shell may be completed but not usable.   Friday: set up with 8AM breakfast at Partners Restaurant in Agawam

FD Raffle:  MSP that an FT60R HT @ $109 be raffled off with a maximum of 50 tickets

CLUB Raffle:   KX3 went well both times,  MSP to have another KX3 with 250 tickets maximum @ $10 each.

 GOO  –

QSL Cards  NT1K  Will be QSL Manager

W1AST to coordinate HCRA Shirts and Badge Order

Next meeting Aug 15, at W1AST QTH Picnic 6PM

Adjourned: ( PM 


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