Ham radio ops / Volunteers needed for Simulated Emergency.

From Bruce Fuller (KB1TLX):
(As mentioned at HCRA’s past meeting (3/7/14))

The simulated emergency is based on the aftermath of a “tornado”. They are looking for patients/victims and well as radio operators. For anyone interested, the volunteers can operate on the “Tag Team” basis, meaning they can volunteer for what ever time they feel comfortable with. The exercise will start on Thursday, 10 April at around 1400 hours and end on Friday, 11 April at around 1200 hours. The website to sign up for this exercise is http://umassdrill.eventbrite.com/


Shelter victims will portray the part of those affected by the tornado disaster. They will arrive at 3pm and live the life of a shelter resident. Participants are encouraged to consider the option of joining a sleepover as part of the event. How many people can say they’ve had a slumber party in the Mullins Center?!

Shelter volunteers will assist the team leaders with shelter operations. Volunteers are needed in various positions from 2-9pm. There are 8 positions to choose from:

  • Registration Volunteers: Assist with welcoming victims into the shelter.
  • Donations Management: Assist the team leader with collecting donations brought to the shelter.
  • Dormitory Management: Assist the team leader with management of sleeping quarters.
  • Medical Component: Assist the team leader with medical needs of clients (both simulated and real).
  • Food Service: Assist the team leader with serving pre-made meals to all participants.
  • Mental Health: Assist the team leader with assessing simulated mental health needs of clients.
  • Childcare: Assist the team leader with providing a safe and entertaining area for children.
  • Animal Sheltering: Assist the team leader with managing shelter pets.

All exercise participants will be provided meals during the event, including snacks, dinner and breakfast.
Registration for the shelter roles is on a first come basis. All participants are encouraged to bring their pets to the drill. You do not need to bring anything for cats and dogs, but be sure to bring the necessary habitat for unique pets (i.e. cage/heat lamp for snakes). Children are also invited to the drill as there will be a childcare area. Please be advised though there will be some simulated injuries with blood, so younger children are not recommended to attend.

We hope you are able to join us at this great event!


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