Board Meeting Minutes January 8, 2013

January 8, 2013 HCRA Board Meeting Minutes
[In the future, HCRA Board Meeting Minutes will be posted on HCRA.org and will not be published in Zero Beat]
The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by the President (Jim, KK1W). Absent: Kx1x.
VP Report (Ed, KB1NWH)
Raffle update: 120 tickets left. Drawing will be March 2nd drawing at the MTARA Hamfest. Ed and Dan, KB1VWQ installed a
dipole at Bob Lafleur’s house (NQ1C).
Treasurer’s Report (Dave, AA1YW)
Balance $ 5804.69
Membership (Rich, N1KXR)
74 Regular Members
Technical (Matt, W1MSW)
10 Meter contest Results: 2 Gift Cards given, one for high score and one for most improved.
Zero Beat (Frandy, N1FJ)
Zero Beat deadline is Jan 25th. Articles needed!
At Large (Marty, W1MJB)
Holiday Party results: 74 members and guests attending.
Programs (John, Kx1x) (not present)
License class discussions. February meeting: assembly of tape measure VHF beam kits (Jeff and Rich). March meeting: Show
and Tell (Matt and Frandy)
New Business (Jeff, NT1K)
Jeff has come up with a way to handle handling new memberships and renewals on line, using PayPal for payment. Voted to
Dufresne Park in Granby will be reserved again for Field Day 2013. Jim gave a report on the New England Division Cabinet
Meeting. Next HCRA Board meeting is March 5th.


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