Board Meeting Minutes 6/11/2013

HCRA Board of Directors Meeting
June 11th, 2013



Vice President – KB1NWH
Report  – Nothing major to report. Database results for June show 76 regular, 20 family and 15 prospects.
Treasurer – AA1YW
Current financial report – $5980.57
Secretary – N1MFL
Current secretary report – Mail is up to date. Dave questioned the process for handling membership info as it is spread across four people at the moment. This is an important task but was tabled until August as we’re not producing any mailings for the next few months.


Technical – W1MSW & K1YO
Current report – W1MSW and welcome aboard Bob/K1YO – The board welcomed Bob and is looking forward to his expertise in this position!
Zero Beat, N1FJ
Cutoff date for September Zero Beat – August 28th
Membership – N1KXR
Report – One new member this month. Rich informed us of his conversation with Larry/WB1DBY about the HCRA clothing program. The program is live on the web and an email has been sent to Larry defining how we would like the program managed.
At Large – W1MJB & Kx1x
Report – W1MJB. Thanks Marty for your years of service to HCRA and hello to John in your new position.
Program – Kx1x & W1MSW
Report – Kx1x and welcome to W1MSW in your new position
September – Tom/K1KI, ARRL Diamond Anniversary
October – John/N1OLO from Hamsource
November – Open
December – .Holiday party, December 8th
– Matt reported there has been no response to the HCRA Ham Radio Film Festival suggestion proposed a month or so ago. All board members are asked to keep an eye open for interesting meeting subjects or presentations.

Paypal membership renewal, is it ready for prime time? – NT1K, AA1YW
All board members were satisfied with the renewal process. Dave/AA1YW is not aware of how to retrieve the information and funds from Paypal. Jim will schedule a get together with Dave and Jeff to define the process.
     Foxhunting status – N1KXR – Rich will be unable to follow up with foxhunting for a few months but informed us Larry/WB1DBY will be helping him get a hunt or two done this summer.

    Four WRTC station packages were purchased at a cost of $1250 each. Decisions need to be made on what we want to    keep and how we want to sell off the balance of the equipment. A spreadsheet has been attached with details of the purchase. – KK1W – Discussion was focused on what equipment we want to hold on to for Field Day and how to handle the balance of the ‘stuff’. All members present were polled for suggestions. Dave/AA1YW and Jim/KK1W will work together to create a program based on the board’s input.
Donation from Rob/N1NTE coming for $100. This should have been received and a thank you letter needs to be written – N1MFL – been received, Dave/N1MFL will write a thank you letter.
Field Day – estimated expenses to date and 2013 thumbnail planning report – KB1NWH and W1MSW – Planning, band captains and housing were reviewed. Everything seems to be on track for a great Field Day once again. Set up is planned to start at 9:00 AM on the 21st.
QSL Cards – do we need to order new ones for W1NY and WB1Z and what do we do with the ones we’ve received – tabled until next meeting.
Procedure for handling membership data between all concerned parties – tabled until the August meeting.

2012/2013 Board Meeting Dates

Board Meeting/Picnic at KK1W’s – August 18th.
September 10th
November 5th
January 7th
March 11th
May 6th
June 10th

Respectfully submitted by Dave Scarpa/N1MFL


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