Board Meeting Minutes 05/07/2013

HCRA Board of Directors Meeting
May 7th, 2013

 Location: West Springfield, MA
Time: 7:30 PM
Present: KK1W, KB1NWH, AA1YW, N1MFL, W1MSW, N1FJ, W1MJB, Kx1x


Vice President – KB1NWH
Report – Database is up to date.
Treasurer – AA1YW
Current financial report – $7796.67
Secretary – N1MFL
Current secretary report – No mail, everything is up to date


Technical – W1MSW
Current report – working with AB1RS. possible other jobs according to Ed.
Zero Beat, N1FJ
Cutoff date for June Zero Beat – May 30th
Membership – N1KXR – Not Present
Membership Report did the info from the April VE session applications get to Ed for inclusion in the db?
Foxhunting 2013 – status please? – See separate email from Rich for his comments
At Large – W1MJB
Report – No report
Program – Kx1x
May – Bill/W1GTT recap – Good meeting, subject seems to have resonated with the membership
June – Field Day Meeting or ???- added an ‘inside’  tailgate party. Jeff and Frandy will handle notifying the membership.
September – Tom/K1KI, ARRL Diamond Anniversary
October – John/N1OLO from Hamsource
November – Open – Frandy will talk with K1VR about a November meeting, or perhaps in 2014.
     We need to give out the DD cards for the 10 meter contest to Juergen/AB1SU and Larry/WB1DBY – W1MSW – Matt will follow up and mail them to the winners.
Polling the members at the meeting it was decided to use the webpage as a center for FD activity – KK1W – Facebook will be the spot to post fd stuff, use the website as info announcements.
     Review June election slate – Tech position still open as of this meeting.

    Field Day. New location and planning. Refund received from Dufresne Park – KB1NWH, W1MSW
WRTC 2014. Support and equipment purchase – KK1W – HCRA would entertain up to six packages for purchase.
Paypal membership is ready to test – KK1W, NT1K – Two people have used it so far with good results (W1MJB, KK1W). Ed/KB1NWH will run a report to see how many donations were received via renewals. Jeff will work with Dave/AA1YW to get him the Paypal sales information.
Should we separate the duties of editor and publisher’ (similar to YCCC structure)? – KK1W – Jeff volunteered and was appointed as webmaster. He will handle most of the distribution of ZB. Frandy will still take care of the USPS issues for the time being.
Suggestion about using online webinars or videos as a meeting subject – W1MJB – Matt will look into the idea for a meeting in 2014
Donation from Rob/N1NTE coming for $100.

2012/2013 Board Meeting Dates
June 11th

Respectfully submitted by Dave Scarpa/N1MFL


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