WRTC is coming in 2014 – are you ready to pitch in?

WRTC is just around the corner. We’re looking to field (literally) a second station this year. Who’s game to give it a go? So what exactly is WRTC and more importantly WRTC-2014? Read on.

In short you could consider it the ‘Olympics of Amateur Radio’.  Read all about the competition and its history here. The big news is WRTC is coming to New England in 2014. The WRTC-2014 committee is looking for hams throughout NE to help them setup, test and manage 59 operating sites (and 6 spares) for the competition in July 2014.

Our location last year was the magnificent (?) Medfield State Hospital in Medfield, MA. It’s been said this retired mental facility was the ideal place to put the HCRA team and it they were right! We setup and operated the whole weekend and had a great time! We’re doubling our efforts this year and fielding two complete stations. We need YOUR support to make it happen! Follow this link to see a great WRTC presentation given at last year’s MTARA meeting by Dave/KM3T. Dave’s presentation is a good overview of WRTC, how much fun it is and why your help is needed.

We’re working right now building our teams for 2013. Would you like to join the fun? Contact Jim/KK1W or telephone  at 413.237-4666 and he will get you started on the road to fun!


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