2014 Election draws near, nominations entertained.

Hi folks,

The 2014 Election will be held at our June 7th meeting. As in years past many board members have once again raised their hands to help guide HCRA through another year of fun and excitement. For many of them this will be another year of many serving HCRA. Wouldn’t it be great if YOU stepped forward and offered a little bit of time every month to ensure our club is the best it can be? Not only would it provide some ‘down time’ for a present board member – more importantly it is an opportunity to bring new views, different ideas and more exciting activities to our club. Are you ready to give it a try?

Listed below is the slate as it stands right now. There’s only one position shown open but we are VERY open to nominations for all positions. As a team we are flexible, supportive and willing to move our present positions around to accommodate a new member. If it turns out we have more than one candidate for a position even better. We can hold a run off election in June, how cool is that?

It says a lot about our present board and their effectiveness that there aren’t a lot of ‘willing volunteers’ for nominations. Unfortunately that’s a double edged sword. Although things are going well, if we don’t encourage new board members we’ll eventually stagnate and then comes the ‘upheaval’. HCRA has been through these in the past and we should attempt to avoid it in the future. Enough rambling on, here’s the slate as it stands on March 16th.

HCRA Proposed Slate of Officers/Directors for 2014

At large: John/Kx1x
Membership: Rich/N1KXR
Technical: OPEN
Program: Matt/W1MSW
Zero Beat Editor: Frandy/N1FJ

Secretary: Dave/N1MFL
Treasurer: Dave/AA1YW
Vice President: Ed/KB1NWH
President: Jim/KK1W

Trust me, if you’re interested in making HCRA a better, stronger organization there is a place for you on the board. Contact Jim/KK1W and lets talk.


2 responses to “2014 Election draws near, nominations entertained.”

  1. Dan,

    The officer and director positions are defined in our by-laws. You can take a look at them here on the website: https://ecngx342.inmotionhosting.com/~hcraor5//by-laws/. The by-laws define the responsibilities of each position. For example name badges could reasonably be expected to fall under the direction of either membership or secretary.

    The core of the by-laws were written when the club was formed. Some changes have been made over the years, the latest about five years ago.

    Thanks for asking the question and for your work on the badges. I’m sure you and Rich will come up with a program that works well for HCRA.

  2. Should we include the position on the board to include something llike. “Name Badge coordinator” or “Badge Director”? A position of which I currently hold… But if one year I should step down, we would need a replacement, and should also be in the election process? Yes? / No?

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