Learn more about HCRA’s past.

Thanks to the efforts of John/AC1T and Jeff/NT1K you can take a time travel trip to the 1970’s without leaving your chair.

John scanned Zero Beats from his collection and sent them to Jeff for inclusion in our Zero Beat Archives page. Click the link and check out HCRA activities from 1976 through 1981. I think you’ll find many things of interest. Not only will you become acquainted with HCRA’s leaders from the 1970’s but you’ll get a glimpse of what ham radio was like thirty five years ago! It’s pretty cool stuff that’s fun to read.

In fact, I saw the want ad  below in the 1978 November edition, Larry/WB1DBY – is this you?

Take a look at the archive list. If you have, or know of someone who has other issues please contact Jeff to get them added to the archive. We can accept them as a .pdf or can scan and return to you if you like.

Have fun perusing the newest ‘oldies’ and hope to see you at tonight’s meeting,



2 responses to “Learn more about HCRA’s past.”

  1. No, that’s not me. I never had that phone number nor any interest in a HW-16. HW-8 yes, 16 – no. There were 8 Larry’s on the repeater at that time. Maybe could have been Larry, WB1CJH as he’s the only other “Longmeadow” Larry that I can think of from that era.

  2. John / AC1T Avatar
    John / AC1T

    There’s some real gems in those old newsletters! Hard to not read through them while scanning. More issues will follow in the coming weeks! Enjoy!

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