From the Shack – November 2012

At my ‘summer shack’!

Our last meeting of 2012 – November 2nd!

Yep, November is our last meeting this year. December brings the joint HCRA/MTARA Holiday Party, which replaces the regular meeting. We have an interesting presentation for you this month, a presentation focusing on portable operations, including SOTA, battery technology, field deployable antenna ideas for HF, and an opportunity to see a KX3 setup and operating. A little something for everyone that will leave you with some ideas you can employ in the future.

HF Bands on FIRE lately!

Cycle 24 has been exciting the last few weeks. Ten meters has been open worldwide, sometimes just after daybreak. Combined with the start of the new contest season and you’ve got a recipe for fun! Not interested in contesting? That’s OK, the bands still work for ragchewing, DX, digital and more. Don’t be one of those folks that is ‘negative on everything’ except what they like. Every facet of amateur radio encompasses all aspects of the hobby. You can’t do well in contest, work DX or chat with your buddies on 75m if you don’t have a good antenna, can’t set up an emergency operation without portable power – you get the idea. As soon as you close your mind to a mode of operation, types of antennas, contesting, etc. you lose the opportunity to learn more about our hobby. Stay open minded and embrace the activities of others instead of coloring them with your own preferences.

Cycle 24 peak revised!

Although our current solar cycle is not one for the record books NASA has revised the predicted peak to May 2013. Earlier predictions had the peak occurring in either 2011 or 2012. This is certainly good news for amateur operators everywhere. Read more about NASA’s forecasts here.

Notes from the cluster:

Tickets for the HCRA/MTARA joint Holiday Party are selling fast. Pick up yours at November’s MTARA or HCRA meetings or by mail to either club. December 10th is your date for fun at the Steaming Tender in Palmer, MA.

Our annual November auction has been cancelled this year. If you hear someone mentioning attending please inform them of the change.

ARRL 10 Meter contest this December. This year should be an exciting one, especially based on recent 10 meter band openings. Look for more information from W1MSW about this fun event elsewhere in this edition of Zero Beat.

KX3 Raffle prize is in our hands! When we hold this year’s drawing we will have the radio ready and waiting for you. Ed will have this excellent prize on display and we plan on having a KX3 on display and operating at tonight’s meeting!



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