This KX3 could be YOURS!


We’re talking about the EXACT Elecraft KX3 in the photograph, serial # 2261. It arrived safely and is in our hands. So how do you get it? Easy, purchase a KX3 raffle ticket at the next HCRA meeting, that’s how!

For a mere $10 donation to HCRA you get a chance to win this exciting new HF transceiver valued at $1000. Just recently it topped Sherwood’s list for best receiver performance but now has slipped to second place behind a $20,000 rig. Twelve watts, all HF bands and runs on 8 AA batteries – how cool is that? Only 250 tickets will be sold and the drawing will be held March 1st, 2013 (or earlier if we sell all the tickets). Tickets are selling quickly – don’t miss out on a golden opportunity to own a world class, ultra portable, HF transceiver..

A few of our members own a KX3 and they are indeed a nice toy. Rumor has it there will be one set up and operating at our November 2nd meeting. Of course #2261 will be on display (if you can get it out of Ed’s hands) at the raffle table. Can’t make it to the meeting, then drop me an email and I’ll be sure you get your ticket(s).

Thanks as always for your support of HCRA, our raffles and our events!



4 responses to “This KX3 could be YOURS!”

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  3. Larry,
    You might want to look at the ticket more closely. Marty was selling Holiday Party tickets for $15, Ed was selling KX3 tickets for $10. Which one did you buy?

  4. My ticket I bought at the last meeting says $15 and that’s what Marty charged me. I’m pretty sure all I paid last year was $10 a ticket. So what’s up with that?

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