October Silent Auction Items

As promised, the Silent Auction is returning and will be at the October 5th meeting. We’ve got a few items all set to go and a few ‘possibles’ in the wings. Here’s what we have for sure:

1. Bencher BY-2 Chrome Iambic Paddles – like new condition – starting bid = $20.00
2. Box of new and used partsstarting bid = $1.00
3. Box of wire, coax, speaker, etc.starting bid = $1.00

See something you want/need? Visit the auction table at the side of the room and enter your bid. The high bidder will be chosen at the end of the meeting. You MUST be on hand to pay for and take home your new toy.

We’re constantly looking for more donations and or consignments for the Silent Auction. Looking to sell something, we can provide you with a space on the table. Club commission is 10% of the selling price, $1.00 minimum (this is if you bring the item to the meeting. If you want HCRA to pick up and sell the item for you the fee is 25% of the selling price). You may set a minimum selling price. See Jim, KK1W at the meeting for more details.


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