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  • A message about our “Annual Auction“

    The former HCRA auction, usually held the first Friday of November at the Feeding Hills Congregational Church is NO LONGER BRING HELD. A combination of change of meeting location and the shrinking of vendors/buyers has led us to this decision Many thanks to all the vendors and buyers who had fun over the years. Jim/KK1W

  • HCRA Auction Returns in January – but ‘silently’!

    Hey folks! We missed the auction this past November and it is always a fun event. Rather than wait a whole year we decided to hold an auction January 4th, but with a slight ‘twist’. Instead of a regular style auction we’re going to do it silently. How will this work out? We really don’t…

  • October Silent Auction Items

    As promised, the Silent Auction is returning and will be at the October 5th meeting. We’ve got a few items all set to go and a few ‘possibles’ in the wings. Here’s what we have for sure: 1. Bencher BY-2 Chrome Iambic Paddles – like new condition – starting bid = $20.00 2. Box of…

  • NoBARC Hamfest Tomorrow – August 12th

    NoBARC Hamfest Tomorrow – August 12th

    The weather is ‘supposed’ to be decent tomorrow morning, a perfect time to go to a hamfest. If you haven’t been to one in a while take a ride to the Berkshires and have fun. They have a bunch of good raffle prizes too. http://www.nobarc.org/hamfest.htm Maybe I’ll see you there? Jim/KK1W