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DMR Guide – pdf format 

Introduction to DMR – pdf format 

Link for how to make your hotspots more secure: Configure a security password for your hotspots

The following code plugs have hot spot zones which need to be changed because of possible frequency interference among new and existing users. Whoever downloads the info will have to populate their ID into the software. Since most software has to match the radio’s firmware version, each individual will have to search for the correct software for their radio.

If you are having trouble getting your code plug working , please email Tim, KA2A at ka2aradio@gmail.com and send him your name, email and a phone number with the best time to call. He will then call you and help you to create a code plug for your radio.

[table caption=”DMR Code Plugs” width=”500″ colwidth=”20|100|50|15″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
no,Equipment,Code Plug, Update Date
1,Alinco DJ-MD5 TGP,Alinco DJ MD5.rdt, 2019-09-06
2,Anytone 878UV,Anytone 878UV5.rdt, 2019-06-26
3,Tytera MD UV 390,Tytera MD UV 390.rdt, 2019-06-26
4,Tytera MD 2017,Tytera MD 2017.rdt, 2019-06-26