Need Help With RF Interference Issues ?

Need Help With RF Interference Issues ?

If you have been experiencing RF interference there is a WMA resource available that’s ready to assist you. Each section has established an RF Interference investigative team that can
help identify and possibly remedy your problem.
To initiate your request for help you can simply send an e-mail to k1yo@arrl.net with your contact information and a description of the problem and anything you may have already tried.

A member of the WMA RFI team will contact you with directions on how to initiate the formal request for assistance. This then may require several steps / tasks on
your part which provide us with essential information to guide further investigative processes. Additionally, helpful information can be found on our RFI Troubleshooting Guide online at:

RFI Troubleshooting Guide

We are ready to help – just give us a call !!

Vy 73,
Your WMA RFI Team
Greg WA1JXR Barry W1HFN Najm AB1ZA
Bob K1YO (Team Lead)


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