Possible Way to get Children Interested in Ham Radio

Molly of Denali is a PBS cartoon. In one of the episodes they use Ham radio to communicate with many about a lost dog. If you have the opportunity to have your children or grandchildren watch the episode, go for it! It might get them interested in Ham radio. Regretfully the episode already showed today and can only be watched on tv when it is broadcasted on your local PBS station, mine is WGBY. Another alternative is to watch via Roku, Smart TV and maybe other streaming services, when it is scheduled for broadcast. In other episodes they have shown people using HTs. Watching the show can be a good lead-in to talk with children about the hobby.

Here is a link to NEPM’s schedule: https://www.nepm.org/tvschedule#stream/0. Check PBS Kids.

In the meantime here is a link to the description of what the season 1 episode 9 (Worm Turns/Little Dog Lost” is about.


Maybe it will be available on YouTube in some not too distant future.
73 W1IRL


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