HCRA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 05-Oct-2018

HCRA Board of Directors meeting 03-October 2018


President – WM1B (Dave)

Vice President – W1AST (Larry)

Secretary – N1FTP (Harold

Treasurer – NV1Q (Juergen)

Zero Beat Ed. – N1JIE (John)

Membership – K1VOI (John)

Program Dir. – AB1ZA (Najm)

Technical Dir. – K1YO (Bob)

At Large – (AB1ZJ) Ron


WebMaster,Ted (K3FEC)

Trustee, Todd (N1GNX

——————————— Meeting Open at 7:00pm By Vice President Larry (W1AST)———————

President Report:

  • The new Trustee of the WB1Z callsign is Todd, N1GNX. Dave (WM1B) is Trustee for W1NY.
  • Status of new club QSL card – Larry (W1AST) will be working on a new design that will have both WB1Z and W1NY call signs on it.
  • The new ZeroBeat Editor is John N1JIE.

Vice President Report:

  • Nothing to report.

Secretary Report:

  • Last months BOD minutes for approval: Motion: 2nd: Carried: Yes
  • MTARA has invited us to their Holiday Party which will be held on December 2nd, price is $20 each and it will be held at the Castle of Knights in Chicopee from 1pm to 5pm. Announcement will be made on our Facebook page and Web site.

Treasurers Report:

September Statement: (Please see below)

– Juergen (NV1Q) will be resetting the password on our PayPal account for himself and Harold.

Program Director Report:

  • Nov, ARRL Section Manager, Ray, KB1LRL
  • Dec, Holiday Party
  • Jan, Antenna Analysis, Najm, AB1ZA

At Large Report:

  • Nothing to report.

HCRA Financial Statement September 2018

Beginning Balance: $6728.95

Ending Balance $7489.73


Dues $455.00

Donation $39.78

Table $10.00

Donuts $29.50

Wear $236.00

Raffle $80.00




Donuts $50.00



Membership Report:

– As of this meeting, 46 regular, 10 prospects, and 4 life members. Non-renewals so far is 32. A postcard

will be sent out to non-renewals and prospects.

– Ted (K3FEC) will make a phone call to perspective new members and invite them to our next meeting.

– John (K1VOI) will update our member list on the web site this month.

Technical Director:

– Antenna Analyzer update is that for a few dollars, it can also be a power meter and Signal generator.

– The boards are on order and Bob (K1YO) will write up an article for ZeroBeat describing all the details.

Zero Beat Editor:

Welcome aboard John (N1JIE).

– John will be sending out a ZeroBeat mini in a few weeks.

– With the help of Ted (K3FEC), John will be looking into the availability of past ZeroBeat issues on our

Web site.


– Ted (K3FEC) has volunteered to prepare the HCRA wear changes and create a page for the Outgoing

QSL Buro service along with help from Paul (NF1G).

– Ted will also add BOD information and pictures on our Contacts page.

Old Business

New Business

Next Board of Director’s meeting will be on 24-October-2018 at 7pm.

Our next club meeting is 02-November-2018.

——————————— Meeting Closed at 8:45pm ———————


2 responses to “HCRA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 05-Oct-2018”

  1. Larry Krainson Avatar
    Larry Krainson

    Hi Ed, We are in the process of doing that. – Larry, W1AST

  2. Ed LaCombe Avatar
    Ed LaCombe

    please change contact information, and manager on QRZ, and reapply with FCC with the W1NY call. any questions plz contact me.


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