Thanks to all who helped make Field Day possible

Hello Everyone !

I just wanted to take this opportunity to send a sincere THANK YOU! To
all of you who participated in the HCRA Field Day 2018 exercise a short
time ago … whether operating or helping with setup and/or any of the
other dozens of tasks required to make it happen.

While we don’t have any scores tabulated just yet, those that know about
those things tell me that it looks like we had a great FD this year ….
And credit for that certainly goes to all of you !

Let me give a special shoutout to Rockwell (WW1X) and  Chris (W1TRK) for
overseeing the antenna and tower setups and to Mike (N1TA) for his
assistance with the networking along with Rockwell and for helping with
the logging files. Jeff (NT1K), thanks for your help with the
documentation and setup suggestions based on last year. Vanessa (KC1IRL)
and Nadine (KB1VSX), thank you for your many varied contributions too
numerous to mention also.

… and how about a round of applause for Faye’s cooking, Renata and
Juergen (NV1Q) for providing some delicious food treats. And special
thanks to Gary (AA1UE) for his efforts to contact our orbiting brethren !!

Last, but not least, my hat’s off to Larry (W1AST) for the three
thousand things that would not have got done had he not offered his help
on an almost daily basis !!

I may have missed some of you for sure and for that I apologize but you
can be certain I really appreciate the efforts from each and every one
of you that helped in any way.

With that, I declare FD2018 formally closed! Now let’s see what we can
do to make it even better for 2019.

Ultimate 73’s
Bob – K1YO


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