HCRA Board of Directors meeting minutes – 23-May-2018

HCRA Board of Directors meeting 23-May-2018
President – WM1B (Dave)
Vice President – OPEN
Secretary – N1FTP (Harold)
Treasurer – NV1Q (Juergen)
Tech. Dir – K1YO (Bob)
Program Dir. – W1AST (Larry)

Zero Beat Ed. – W1MOW (Gary)
At Large – KB1RXO (Karl)
Membership – K1VOI (John)

——————————— Meeting Open at 7:00pm ———————
President Report:
– Donation checks should be sent to both Holyoke Hospital and Agawam Parks Rec. both will receive a check for $300 for allowing us to use their facilities.
– Dave will be looking into diferent pictures for the W1NY/WB1Z QSL card.
– The IC7300 has been ordered and Dave will start the raffle ticket printing.

Vice President Report:

Secretary Report:
– Last months BOD minutes for approval: Motion: 2nd: Carried: Yes

Treasurers Report:
– End of March Statement: (Please see below)

Program Director Report:
– Jun, Field Day
– Sep, Open
– Oct, DX Engineering
– Nov, ARRL Secton Manager, Ray, KB1LRL

At Large Report:
– Nothing to report.

Membership Report:
– John, K1VOI and the Board are working on ways to tighten membership enrollment as well as expiration times and cross-checks of the membership database.
– Currently we have 65 paid members, 6 families, 4 Life members and 15 prospects.

HCRA Financial Statement April 2018

Beginning Balance: $10,080.21
Ending Balance: $9,936.29

Dues                                          $157.00
Table Book Action                      $65.00
Donuts                                        $43.75
Penny Arcade Class Acton         $2.34
Total    $268.13
Membership kit                            $142.05
P.O.Box                                        $120.00
630m prizes                                 $100.00 ($50.00)
Donuts                                         $50.00
Total   $413.05

Technical Director:
– All is going very well for Field Day. Bob could use some more ARRL hand-outs, Al (KB1XG) will be using solar power, Dave (WM1B) has a Dell with N1MM on it that we can use, and Bob will be purchasing some extension cords, power strips, and antenna switches.

Zero Beat Editor:
– Nothing to report.

Old Business
– Elections: The candidates are as follows:

President Dave WM1B                                       Technical Director Bob K1YO
Vice President Larry W1AST                              Membership John K1VOI
Secretary Harold N1FTP                                    Program Director Najm AB1ZA
Treasurer Juergen NV1Q                                   At Large Ron AB1ZJ
Zero Beat Gary W1MOW (Name Withdrawn)

New Business
– The Board is looking into individual job descriptions to further each ones responsibilities and enhance the positions in bringing in and welcoming new members. To broaden the scope and widen perspectives in order to keep the Association in good standing for future growth and knowledge.

A 2nd draft has been presented at the meeting. More discussions will be made at future

Open Floor Discussion: (GOO – Good of the Order)

Larry will be filling in for Dave who will not be present at our next meeting.

Next Board of Director’s meeting will be 13-June-2018.
Our next club meeting is 07-September-2018.
——————————— Meeting Closed at 8:40pm ———————


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