HCRA BOD Meeting 26-Oct-2017

HCRA Board of Directors meeting 26-October-2017


President – WM1B (Dave)

Vise President – OPEN

Secretary – N1FTP (Harold)

Treasurer – NV1Q (Juergen)

Tech. Dir – K1YO (Bob)

Zero Beat Ed. – WA1MOW (Gary)

Membership – K1VOI (John)

At Large – KB1RXO (Karl)

Absent: Program Dir. – W1AST (Larry)

——————————— Meeting Open at 6:56pm ———————

President Report:

  • A Tech Class is being formulated. A location has been firmed up and a support/trainer is being worked on. More to follow.
  • Volunteers are needed for an “Elmer’s List” where new ham’s as well as current, can talk to, ask advise on, make visits to stations during contests, help with Rookie Roundup, use of Elmer’s equipment? Antenna raising/tear down/maintenance group.

Vice President Report:

  • OPEN

Secretary Report:

  • Holiday ticket sales is slow but should catch up quickly at the next meeting.
  • Raffle tickets sales is also slow. It usually picks up just before and after the Holidays.
  • For sale are HCRA Polo shirts, patches, badges, and tumblers.

Treasurers Report:

  • The Treasurers report is available on request.

Program Director Report

  • Nov 3rd, SWLing and Dxing (N1FTP)
  • Dec, 4th, Holiday Party
  • Jan 5th, guest speaker via Skype from DX Engineering.
  • Apr, “Show & Tell”

At Large Report:

  • Still working on easy ways to drive in and remove Field Day antenna guy support stakes.

Membership Report:

  • 45 members so far for 2018

Technical Director:

  • Working on getting small groups of members to participate in building small projects perhaps in a lab environment. More to follow.

Zero Beat Editor:

  • The first Mini-Zero Beat was published.
  • Zero Beat will now be published every other (odd) month starting in September. For the other (even) months, a flier will be published with upcoming announcements and meetings.

Old Business:

  • The tumblers look great and are given to presenters and can be purchased by the membership.
  • A discussion of whether or not a $25 gas card should be offered to those presenters that travel quite a distance and are not presenting for the purpose of selling for profit. A motion was made and approved. In Favor-8, Apposed-0.
  • Support for Scouting/HCRA – on hold
  • Facebook host, web site – on hold, bring up at next meeting.
  • Raffle tickets, if an individual purchases 10 tickets for themselves, they get the 11th one free.
  • Holiday tickets have arrived and are being sold at VE sessions and at both club meetings.

New Business:

  • The Vice President position is still open. While Dave is in Florida, each BOD member will be given a month to open the meeting and present the presenter.
  • Each BOD member has been assigned the task of writing down their job descriptions/responsibilities.
  • Definitions of memberships has been created and is in the process of being reviewed by the BOD.
  • The Secretary will count and plot attendance of all membership meetings for trend analysis.
  • How do we increase membership? Survey Monkey? Welcoming committee? More to follow.
  • Juergen will be cleaning up and archiving items on our Web site.

Open Floor Discussion: (GOO – Good of the Order)

  • BOD frequency of meetings will be on the 3rd Thursday of every even month. (Aug, Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr, Jun). The BOD will determine if additional meetings are required on a needed basis. Meeting will be held at the Ihop in West Springfield. Dinner at 6pm, meeting at 7pm.

——————————— Meeting Closed at 8:39pm ———————


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