HCRA Contest University – Slides And Links

Thanks to all who attended HCRA Contest University. Hopefully it was beneficial. Here are the slides (in PDF format) and notable links.

HCRA – Introduction To Contesting Presentation

HCRA – Small station Bang For The Buck Presentation

VOAcap Online – Propagation Prediction Website/Software
Contest Calendar – Upcoming Contest Schedule
3830 Scores – Study your colleagues
CQcontest.net – Live contest scores


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  1. Steve moriarty Avatar
    Steve moriarty

    Hi, i just bought a whistler model # ws1040 police,etc. scanning radio.When i looked into the ? & answer comments they said that it would be very benificial to have your local ham operator club program most scanners because of their technical knowledge.My first scanner was easy to get to work,i just went to Radio Shack and the employee picked out a crystal from his plastic storage case and away i went.All of the 3 scanners i have purchased, have gathered dust,(because they were never programmed properly) and then Spfld. Police changed their frequency again.I could have purchased a home patrol 1,or2,but that would look odd carrying it on my belt.So, i guess that i hope someone can help me out either at the club location ,their residence, or even at a restaurant that has wifi and could. be benificial to both of us( I’ll buy lunch, or dinner) If there is an additional cost, please let me know, but i am hoping it won’t be substantial’ cause i just want this to work properly. I am up to giving a donation to the club, if this works better for its members.Well, please call me (413)737-0747, or e- mail me. @ moriartystephen63@gmail.com. and thanks again. Sincerely steve m.

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