Elecraft KX3 Winner Is…

First off, We would like to thank everyone who purchased a ticket and those who help with promoting. The money raised from this raffle goes to help the HCRA and help fund future events such as Field Day, Classes, Formal events and promoting amateur radio around the county and beyond. We would also like to thank the Mt. Tom Amateur Repeater Association (MTARA) for putting on an excellent hamfest. They helped us selling tickets and they allowed us to use the hamfest as the place to draw and announce the winner.

After a 9 months of promoting and even some begging, we sold approximately 180 tickets. I wish everyone could be a winner but there could only be one.

The person holding the winning ticket was Raymond Burk (WB1GLX). He purchased the winning ticket #136 while at the hamfest.


We hope he gets good use out of the radio. Once again, thanks to all those who were involved and those who supported HCRA by purchasing a ticket.

– Jeffrey Bail (NT1K)
HCRA At-Large


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