HCRA Foxhunt – June 1st



Now that things are warming up in Hampden County, I think it’s time to have ourselves a Foxhunt. So dust off your direction finding equipment and make sure it works. With thanks to Larry, W1AST (ex WB1DBY), We had a decent turnout for our last foxhunt that took place in the fall of 2013. Jeff, NT1K has volunteered to the be the fox this time. If you are interested and want to join in on the hunt, please contact NT1K. You can either reply to this post, fill out the form below, e-mail (my call @ arrl.net) or see NT1K at the next meeting. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to join in on the fun. Home stations with a beam could also help the operators by providing beam headings.

We have permission to use the K1ZJH repeater. The fox will transmit on the repeater while the hunters will be using the input frequency to look for the location of the FOX.

  • Frequency: 146.715 MHz
  • Input Frequency: 146.115MHz (This is the frequency you want to track the fox on)
  • PL: 100hz
  • Date: Sunday, June 1st, 2014
  • Time: 3:00pm Local
  • Starting Location: Holyoke Mall Overflow Lot (Behind Sears)
  • Duration: 1-2hrs

If you are new to Amateur Radio and  never participated in a fox hunt, This would be  the perfect time to get your feet wet. Take some time and read an excellent post by Larry (W1AST) about fox hunting basics. You can also check out homingin.com for more information.

Transmissions will start at approximately 3:00pm. It’s Important that you check in with the fox.
I will transmit for 1-2 min every 10 min. I will also chat it up with anyone else on frequency. My power level will vary from 55W (at the start) to 5W to make it easier for people to track me. 
I will stop transmitting either when all checked in stations arrive or at 5:00pm whichever is first. That is why it’s important to check in.

Home stations with the proper equipment are encouraged to help out and provide headings if possible. 


Are you Interested? Contact NT1K below

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