Donations wanted for the HCRA table at the MTARA Hamfest!

HCRA will have a club table at this Saturday’s MTARA Hamfest in Chicopee, MA

If you have an item or two you would like to donate please contact Jim/KK1W to make arrangements. Just like our old auction there are a few simple rules.

1. These are ‘donations’ – if you want to sell stuff you should get your own table 🙂
2. Please put your callsign on the items (tape, label) so we can return them to you if they don’t sell (no, we are not a disposal company)

At the close of the hamfest we will return any unsold items to you. Thanks as always for your support of HCRA and we hope to see you at the MTARA Hamfest

Don’t forget to stop by and say “hello” while you’re browsing the aisles!

See you Saturday,



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