Board Meeting Minutes 9/10/2013

HCRA Board of Directors Meeting
September 10, 2013

Location: West Springfield, MA
Time: 7:00 PM
Present: KK1W, KB1NWH, AA1YW, N1MFL, N1FJ, N1KXR, Kx1x, W1MSW


Vice President – KB1NWH
Details on donation to Agawam for FD. $250 check should go to the Perry Lane School
Database is up to date
Treasurer – AA1YW
Current financial report : $6877.00
Status of WRTC Sales: Sold two generators, three LMR400 coax
Status of FT857 raffle (# of tickets sold): 62 tickets sold to date
How many renewals have been received through PayPal? – 18. Dave needs more into about PayPal deposits
Secretary – N1MFL
Status of State and Federal Filing – Done
How is planning for on-line board meetings going?  – Continued pending information gathering.

Technical – K1YO – Not present
Proposed subjects for ‘Tech Corner’?
HMC is looking for help with interference to their VHF repeaters – is this something you have time for?
Zero Beat, N1FJ
Any problems with the September issue? – A ‘gentle reminder’ that “cutoff date” means when an article is due!
Silent auction planning and proposed dates. – Decided on a ‘white elephant’ table, dates TBD
Membership – N1KXR
Membership Report, how many Regular, Family, Life and Prospect members at this time. – 47R, 5F, 3L and 2P
How is the new system of maintaining the database and mailing list working? – a few challenges but overall working OK.
Status of possible September/October foxhunts – Continued pending contacting WB1DBY
At Large – Kx1x
Plans for January Classes – Dates to be determined and announced
Program – W1MSW
CW training class update – Still in the developmental stage
Meeting Calendar:
   October: John/N1OLO from Hamsource
November: Dave/N1MFL and Dan/KB1VWQ on POTA
January: Fred/K1VR on legal aspects of antenna/tower erection
February: Fred/AB1OC on Dxpedition to Bora Bora
March: Show & Tell
April: – Open
May: – Open
June: Field Day planning, N1MM workshop, elections
Facebook poll says a meeting on DX Cluster would be welcome. Looking for a potential presenter.
Investigate a possible meeting by (or at) the local ‘maker space’

   Any further info on the APRS node in Chester? (KB1NWH & KK1W) – Not an HCRA problem, dropped
On-line BOD meeting planning and test (N1MFL) – Continued pending further information from members
   Does the format of our minutes meet legal criteria? (N1MFL & KK1W) – Dave will upgrade to a more formal presentation
Holiday Party planning (Kx1x & KK1W) – Marty/W1MJB has offered assistance with planning.
September database problems and how to avoid them in the future (N1KXR, KB1NWH and KK1W) – Discussed and resolved
Status of proposed ‘cloud’ database (NT1K & KK1W) – Still in the works, hopefully within 30 to 60 days
Remember Jeff/NT1K is our webmaster – all website suggestions/password problems etc. should be addressed to him.
Retirement of the HCRA IRLP Node (Kx1x) – Done, John will retire the node, any equipment of value will be donated to the Crew 510

2013/2014 Board Meeting Dates
November 5th
January 7th (possibly on-line)
March 11th
May 6th
June 10th

Respectfully submitted by Dave/N1MFL


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