September HCRA Board Meeting Minutes

HCRA Board Meeting Minutes- sept

HCRA Board Meeting Minutes
September 10, 2013 7:00pm
Hampden Bank Parking Lot

Members Present:

Jim Mullen
Matt Wilhelm
Ed Lacombe
Frandy Johnson
John Pise
Dave Cain
Richard Wheeler
Dave Scarpa
Jeffery Bail

Guests: No Guests Attended

Agenda Item #1: Vice President (7:10pm)

Discussion Item: September Database Issues
Action Item: To Continue with Current DB until Online is ready

Discussion Item: Donation to Perry Lane School
Action Item: Approved by Board

Agenda Item #2: Financial Report (7:20pm)

Discussion Item: Current total revenue, 6877.25 total
Discussion Item: 857 raffle, 62 Sold So Far
Discussion Item: Status of WRTC Sales, $391 in Deposits so far
It was discussed whether prices should increase
After Jan 1st, and it was decided they should not.
Discussion Item: Paypal Membership renewals, 18 renewals

Agenda Item #3 Secretary Report (7:30p)

Discussion Item: Format of Minutes discussed Guidelines given
Discussion Item: Status of State and federal filings, Both completed
Discussion Item: Status of online meetings, tabled for now

Agenda Item #4 Zero Beat Report (7:35pm)

Discussion Item: Cutoff date for articles next issue 9/24

Agenda Item #5 Membership Report (7:45pm)

Discussion Item: Membership Renewals, 47 renewed

Agenda Item #6 Technical Report (7:50 pm)

Discussion Item: Bob not present but still plans Techinical corner sessions at meeting
Discussion Item: Holyoke Hospital Looking for help to track jamming on repeater
it was decided Jim KK1W would assist them Agenda Item #7

. Agenda Item #7 Program Report (8:00pm)

Discussion Item: CW Training class update, class still being worked on for Feb-Mar start
Discussion Item: Silent Auction go ahead, white elephant table every meeting, 10%
donation to club.
Discussion Item: Meeting content for the upcoming 6 months.

Agenda Item #8 At Large (8:05pm)

Discussion Item: January License classes plans

Old Business: No new info on APRS node in chester

New Business: Clubs ilrp node retired, equipment dispersed
Holiday Party planning, Meal Price increase
Discussion of board members roles.

Meeting Closed: 8:13pm


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