short FD follow up

I would like to thank every one that participated in any and all ways in FD. This was a new adventure for us. New location, new set-up, new people. We had a great time. There was some mistake made but, hey, were are only amateurs.

The set up crew was awesome, the operating crew was great, a few SNAFUs but nothing we could not handle. Tear down went smoothly, and the trailer was repacked neatly.

The town of Agawam was also really accommodating for us. They showed where the water lines were and the sprinkler heads. They even brought some picnic tables.

Had a short talk with the park and rec while returning the keys and was told that we were invited to use the park again next year:).



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  1. I’d book it now. I thought the site was great and it certainly brought in lots of the public too….Maybe next year be on the field right on river road so people could see while driving by and maybe generate even more walk in public. Either way, a very good site!

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