HCRA Ham Radio Film Festival???

I would like to throw out an idea for a possible meeting topic next year and would like to hear other members’ opinions on it.

The meeting would be a ham radio film festival and we would screen ham radio related film shorts produced by our members as well as a few from other sources.   Now the first thing that might come to mind is a video tour of your QTH where technical details about the shack and antennas are documented.  While making that type of movie is a GREAT idea, it would probably be better for screening at our annual show and tell meeting. What I’m thinking are short films that capture, discuss, and/or document your, another ham’s, or a group of ham’s experience in amateur radio.  Maybe a SOTA activation, a portable operation, a special event, your experience at field day or some other emcomm training event.  How about creating a documentary about your favorite ham friend who buys lots of kits, but rarely builds them.  Or maybe you have an elmer who you would like to make a short film about.  Better yet a film about your own experience in ham radio or a film that captures what you feel are the most important aspects of the hobby. And of course, there would be popcorn, hot dogs and soda available in the lobby before the show and during the intermission.

For this to be successful, we need a few brave hams to step forward and decide that making a ham radio short is something they would like to do.  If there are enough 1) members interested in making a ham radio film short and 2)  members interested in screening ham radio film shorts, then we’ll come up with some more specific guidelines like length restrictions and format.  Whether you think it’s a good or bad idea, please share your thoughts on this idea for a meeting.  And if you have any interest in making a film, please let me know as well.  It won’t work if we’re just sitting there staring at a blank screen.  You can post comments here or contact me directly w1msw@arrl.net

If you have other ham radio related topics or ideas for a meeting, please share those as well.  We want to put together a program that our members will find interesting and engaging and we can’t do that if you don’t tell us topics that interest you!


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