W. Brookfield Technician Class a Great Success!

Today’s Technician class was what you would call an “unbridled success”. HCRA’s instructor group consisting of John/Kx1x, Nick/K1MAZ, Frandy/N1FJ, and myself along with VE help from Al/N1AW and Rich/N1KXR managed a 100% pass rate. At the end of the day seven new Technicians have joined our ranks. Adding to the success was Rob/N1NTE upgrading to Extra while waiting for his family to successfully take their Technician exams.

Without doubt much of the class success can be attributed to great preparation. All the students had read and reviewed the texts, taken practice exams and came prepared with questions about  the more difficult parts. It was truly a pleasure working with them and we hope they enjoy their new hobby.

My thanks goes out to all our HCRA members that helped put smiles on faces today – that’s truly what this club is all about!




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