And the winner is… ???

It brings us great pleasure to announce the winner of the KX3 raffle today. The drawing was held a little after noon at the close of the MTARA Hamfest.

KX3 Raffle

Our winner is:

Chris Snyder/KB1RMA

Unfortunately Chris was not present to collect his prize. We will be shipping it out to him the first part of the week.

Thanks to everyone that supported our second KX3 raffle and made it even better than the first. From the folks at HCRA that kept track of the sales, manned the tables selling tickets, promoted the raffle and stuck with it to the very end – thank you to Ed/KB1NWH, Rich/N1KXR, Dave/AA1YW, Jeff/NT1K, Frandy/N1FJ and others I’ve probably missed. Most importantly thanks to all our members and guests who participated and supported our efforts. HCRA is better because of your generosity.

So what’s next? Who knows, we’re open to suggestions. What would you like to see as the prize for our next raffle?



2 responses to “And the winner is… ???”

  1. Dan. I don’t have it in front of me but it was from a batch that I was selling. Somewhere between 110 and 120 I think. Hey, if you had won then it would become Bridget’s, right?

  2. Wondering what the winning number was? I held one ticket this time. #052… Glad I didnt win, I would of had to move out of MA… Enjoy the radio Chris, I love mine… and thanks to HCRA for being able to hold these raffles for us!

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