Can you help your fellow members? – Yes you can!

Did you know YOU can increase the value of HCRA to all its members? How can you do this you may ask? The answer is simple. Sharing of knowledge, especially local knowledge, is how we all learn and expand our appreciation of amateur radio.

If you’ve done something, built something, installed some software, raised an antenna, took photographs of a local event, bought a new rig, attended a hamfest, made a great DX contact or solved a sticky interference problem wouldn’t it be nice if you could share that with the members? Well you can, and very easily too. Why not take a few moments to gather the information, put it in an email and send if off to Frandy/N1FJ along with any photos. Format is not important, Frandy has the skills to make a great article out of it. Besides publishing in Zero Beat or on the website you’ll become an additional source of knowledge for our members.

It’s one thing to read an article in QST but if you have a question are you going to meet the author at the next meeting? Probably not, but there’s a good chance you’ll be able to talk to the ham that organized the foxhunt or built an automatic rotor controller, in person, at one of our meetings.

Let’s do what hams do best, talk about what we’ve done and share information with your fellow hams. If just one or two members a month sent something to Frandy imagine how thick Zero Beat will in a few months!

If you’ve read this far I hope I’ve piqued your interest. We all become better hams when we start sharing our hard earned information with the local community.



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