More links from the November 2nd meeting

Here are the sources for antenna supports I use for portable operation. Usable height is usually less than claimed height. We have found that anything over 20 feet or so works well on a summit activation.

28′ carbon fiber pole, about $100 including shipping, strong and light and compact: 


31′ Jackite fiberglass pole, $68.95 including shipping, strong and heavy and big:


– Frandy, N1FJ


2 responses to “More links from the November 2nd meeting”

  1. On Mt. Mansfield, Jim or I held the pole up the entire time! We were in an Alpine zone with no trees and fragile tundra. In a field on Connecticut Hill near Ithaca, NY, I dug a small hole for the base and guyed it. (I have also used a screwdriver stuck in the ground.) Two separate guys to tent stakes and then the two legs of the inverted vee were the other two guys. On most summits there are small saplings that you can attach the pole to. It doesn’t take much, usually.

  2. I have a question…with the Jackite poles, what can you use to support it when there are no structures nearby to attach it to, like a building, tree, or fence. If you’re setting it in the middle of a field, for instance, how can you support it independently? Are there special ground mounts that are substantially strong enough to hold it?

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