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Looking out over the pool of cars at the local Ham Club’s meeting, or across the ocean of cars at a regional Ham-fest, one can’t help but notice one thing. “Antennas!” you call out. Well yeah, you’re right there. So, let me back up and say there are two things one can’t help but notice as you check out the cars, and yes the first one being the wheat-field of antennas. The second is…Ham (call-sign) license plates.

Did you know that Massachusetts was the first state in the nation to issue vehicle license plates beginning in June of 1903, but the first Mass. Amateur Radio license plate wasn’t issued until 1964? While Hams are not required by law to display a call-sign plate on their vehicle, many Amateur Radio operators elect to get and proudly display them. After all, no one else may attach this style of plate to their vehicle, and only you have your call-sign!

What do I need to do to get a set for my vehicle you ask? It’s easy, simply download Form 21584-0911 “Application For Ham Radio Operators Plates” from the Registry of Motor Vehicles website at: http://www.massrmv.com/rmv/forms/21584.pdf, or pick one up at your local Mass. Registry office. Once you have it, fill it out, then send it in along with a copy of your current and valid FCC license plus a check for $20 payable to MassDOT. And before you know it, your vehicle will be sporting its own set of Ham license plates.

License plate for N1KXR





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  1. Just a word of advice from someone who just went through this process… If you plan on getting ham plates for your car, you should either write a note with your application asking Special Plates to send you a receipt for your $20 or bring a copy of your cancelled check to the registry when you pick up your plates. Special Plates never entered my payment into the system even though they still cashed the check, so I had to pay the $20 special plate fee twice. I’m in the process of fighting the Registry for my money back.

    One thing Rich did not mention is that ham plates do cost more than regular plates. They are $45 per year versus $50 per two years for normal plates.

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