SOTA jerks are on the road again

(In a deep loud voice) SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY September 30th 2012 the jerks are heading out to a place unactivated.  That’s right,  We are heading to Burley Hill W1/MR-002.  Showtime will be 1600Z.  Modes CW, FM, SSB, and new to this activation PSK31.  Frequencies 7.034, 14.061 CW 7.190, 21.333, 14.3425 SSB depending on propagation, look for us on 10 meters also 146.52 – FM.

All Hams are invited to make contacts FREE of charge

There will be no tickets at Ticketmaster or the box office.


2 responses to “SOTA jerks are on the road again”

  1. And now, 18.086 CW, 146.52 FM

  2. They are activated right now (NOON Sunday)! 7.0325 CW (Jim), 146.52 FM (Nick), 14.342 SSB (Ed) 21.062 CW (Frandy)

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