Board Meeting Minutes 9/18/2012

Hampden County Radio Association

Board of Directors Meeting 9/18/2012, Holyoke Hospital Boardroom

Officer Reports
Vice President – 35 Raffle Tickets Sold for KX3 Raffle

Treasurer’s Report – AA1YW

Current Financial report – Income From Meeting

KX3 Raffle – $310.00
Membership – $615.00
Donation – $110.00

Income Total – $1035.00

Expenses – $120.00 (Welcome Back Refreshments)

Starting Balance – $6017.81
Ending Balance – $6932.81

Technical Report – W1MSW

Help Dave Cayen and Dave Henderson K3 Setup

Zero Beat Update – N1FJ
Cutoff Date for October ZB is Sept. 27th.
Discussion of future of Zero Beat

Membership report –

Renewals – 41
Donations – $110.00

New Membership Rule proposed extending New Memberships March 1st or later until the following
August 31st. Seconded by N1KXR and all in favor.

Discussed Free Memberships given at VE Sessions.

At Large – W1MJB

Nothing to report

Program report – KX1X – absent

Discussed Encouraging participation in the meetings and for content on website
Discussed Future Programming
Discussed Joint HCRA/MTARA Holiday Party. Marty, W1MJB volunteered to coordinate

Old Business

Motion to suspend November Auctions, seconded and approved
Discussed the parsing of duties for the holiday party planning.
Decided to drop putting letters on the club trailer.

New Business

Publishing of Articles to website
January 8th will be the first date of a trial of teleconferencing for the board meetings.

Club Meeting minutes respectively submitted by Dave Scarpa, club Secretary.


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